Color Me Bad

I was on the phone the other day (I keep forgetting to post this!)

…I was on the phone the other day with a customer, I work at a help desk, they call write as I start listening to “I wanna sex you up” by Color Me Bad.

The volume’s on low so they can’t hear it when I answer the phone, I usually answer the phone “Customer assistance…”

That day I answered “Color Me Bad…”

I’m really surprised I still have a job! The fucked up thing? I was joking about doing that a few days prior. Total freudian slip I guess…

You’re ADMITTING you listen to Color Me Bad?? Here?

Listen…I just wanna seeeeeeex you up!

[quote]BodyByGame20 wrote:
Listen…I just wanna seeeeeeex you up! [/quote]

LOL. Touche.

lol, bodybygame, i know what you mean, i used to work in a call center. I would get hundreds of calls in a day, many time i would get done talking to someone and then say yes sir to ladies and the opposite to guys. The funniest one i heard there was a gal was talking to someone on the phone and they started to have a heated diagreement. I later asked her what the diagreement was about, keep in mind she was pissed off. She said the woman on the ohter side accused her of being a man. lol that was too funny. lots of other times we were talkin amongst ourselves and forgot to mute the phone and said something when the call came through that wasn’t HC appropriate