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Color for a Cage


I've been working out at a local gym for 2 months now, and after my 3 months is up I'm going to be lifting at home. I have the bench and weight set, but since I'm a welder I'm building my own power cage. My question for the get a life forum is, what color should I paint it?




Leave it metal, that way you won't have to ever worry about chipping off paint.


Pink is soooo last season. Go magenta with D&G logos all ova, heeeelllllloo.


And put random welding marks all over it, so it looks battle ridden.


Yea , leave it metal, but use stainless steel. One more step would be to give it a brushed look. If you must paint it I would powdercoat it bright yellow.


NONONONONONO!!!!! It should be Mauve, you twink!!!!!

I'm sure it'll look FIERCE!!


Rust is the most rugged color.


Being called a twink by you is indeed quite a complement. Mauve...Mauve, you old queen you


Haha, interesting suggestions so far..... I'd personally love to do the brushed stainless steel, but I don't have that much money to spend on parts.... I'd rather spend it on food so I'm not living off ramen noodles. The "leave it steel" is also interesting, it wouldn't take long at all to leave scorch marks all over the frame.

Probably would have to use a oxyfuel torch and leave soot on it though, randomly striking arcs is a good way to compromise the structural integrity of the frame, not something I'm willing to do to equipment I definitely don't want collapsing.

Bah, maybe I'll just zebra stripe it mauve and magenta over a base coat of pink.


go with camo. that way you'll get that working out in the jungle feeling.