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Color Commentary

Not sure where to post this, I think this is right place

I’ll get straight to the point: my crap is green. Every time. For the past 2 weeks. Everything else about it is normal.

I had been eating like crap for the first 2 weeks in May (finals and 21st birthday yadah yadah yadah) and ate and drank pretty much whatever was put in front of my face. For the past 2 weeks, I have been doing Thib’s Tranformation Protocol, eating tons of veggies, carbs only on weekends as prescribed, the whole shebang.

I dont think its from the abundance of green veggies becuase I always eat a lot of them and crap normally. The only other thing I can think of is I ran out of Surge and started using a different PWO shake, which is a dark blue color. Could the food coloring be causing this? Then why is the crap green and not blue (granted the colors are similar, but still).

Any takers?

Are you eating a lot of spinach? Say more than before? I noticed that the colour of my crap turns a little greener when I eat a lot of spinach.

I only have spinach once a week, at most. I’m gonna say its the blue food coloring in the shake, its the only reasonable explanation

i take a chlorophyllin supplement twice a day and my crap often comes out green

if you eat lots of dark green veggies it may produce the same result but lighter