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Colon Therapy, Good or Bad?


hey guys,

one of my friends recently had a colon therapy session and has been raving about the benefits etc.

the problem being is that when I look up google. it has nothing but bad press from all the medical associations etc.

I know this group tends to support most forms of alternative thinking so was wondering if any of my brethren on here have experience in this area, good bad or ugly.



What are you hoping to gain from having your colon rinsed out?

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being things I would do on a regular basis to stay healthy and 10 being something I would do out of last resort when something was terribly wrong I would put a colonic at a 9.

That might just be me though, maybe I have a phobia of people pumping water/coffee in through my anus.

That being said I am friends with a nurse that has had to administer an enema to a constipated guy who had not had a bowel movement in a few weeks and was in tremendous pain. In this situation, yes I would be up for anything that would help.


After thinking about this I remember hearing about a bunch of stars doing colonics years ago before some award show. This article is old, 2004, but I have not heard about it since so maybe they went out of style or maybe my local news just stopped talking about it.


As long as it is being used for it's intended purpose, the digestive tract is self-cleaning. Eat your veggies, drink plenty of water, and consider a pro-biotic.


Eat an apple after every big meal and you'll be shitting like a champ.
I wouldn't get colon therapy unless you get off on having things shoved up your arse.


Oh, I've heard horror stories from my father and uncles for years. My grandmother believed enemas were the cure for nearly every ailment. No one wanted to get a cold in that family! The uncles survived, and seem to be decently healthy today. One doesn't have any hair on top, complains about it often, but can't attribute the years of colon cleaning to that. Overall I think they would say the enemas did not do them much good.

If constipation seems to be a problem you might try taking some over the counter Milk of Magnesia. The magnesium would probably be good for the heart also.

"Magnesium and arrhythmia"



My mom does Colon Therapy. It doesn't necessarily benefit in anything physical, but it does make you feel better. Also, you could just eat Fiber and it'd be beneficial for your digestive tract. Either way, both are beneficial to the point of feeling better, which feeling better could help you do more in the gym.


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The idea that there is more risk with a properly performed, good technique/form overhead press than a colonic cleanse is a pretty ABSURD idea.

Not to mention someone doesn't charge me some bullshit price to finger-bang my prostate. There are risks with doing these moronic colon cleanses and they are pointless nonsense. At the very least, avoid them to avoid handing your money over to charlatans.


It is a scam. The colon cleans itself. A doc who had done countless colonoscopies told me that he has never seen any plaque or other buildup in the colon.




Yeah I've had a ton of colonsocipies and never had the doctor said. " you got a build up of plaque there" lol omg how fucking dumb. I've seen on the screen when they do the colonoscopy and besides seeing a small amount of fecal matter there is never any "plaque". and So I agree with aeyogi, its a scam!!



Two words that will always make me laugh extra hard.


Ive had several colonics and I felt better afterwards. It opened my eyes to what I was eating and what I should be eating. I didn't have any constipation issues, never have, just wanted to cleanse. I can tell you if you want the colon to be well then you have to eat write. My Mother just had emergency surgery Xmas day to relief a blockage in her colon. It was swollen 6x the size of a normal colon. She couldn't go to the bathroom, couldn't really eat and had pain. Come to find out she has diverticulosis. SHe has a bag that she shits through for 6 months until the swelling goes down and then she has to have more surgery to remove the blocked part and reattach to the good part. So take care of your colon, eat write, drink your water!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i will never take anymore seriously if they openly admit to having one without a serious medical reason


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I had a colonic years ago. It did nothing for me, so I never bothered to have another.



Assuming your diet is in check, with good amounts of fiber and water, you should be good. I have had 16 surgeries on my intestine, I have an honorary Phd in this.