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Colon-Less Wonder


I have lifted weights off and on for a number of years. 1 year ago I had an operation to remove my colon completely due to Ulcerative colitis. For me this was a completely new beginning.. my weight had gone down to 125 lbs due to my illness.. I am 5'9".. bad right?. Any how After 6 months of recovery time (complications) and about 4 months now of lifting I am close to my target weight of 165lbs. (im at 158lbs. Nutrition has become my major obstacle .. Im sure that I have the cleanest colon in the world.. :slight_smile:

as it is completely missing... I tell myself that somehow there might be an advantage in this... so far i have only detected that i have less acne... (im 34 and always had moderate to bad acne). anyhow i am aspiring to have the physic of a 150# weight class bodybuilder and would like to know if the 1g protein per # of body weight rule applies if you are already at your desired max weight or close to it.. I would like to think that I can eat normally and grow muscle since Im already at my goal weight.. It is hard for me to eat too much due to my condition.. too much food for me means about 10 trips to the bathroom per day due to my "short" intestinal track...Also my absorbtion is not so good due to No-colon syndrome..

Any advice on how to build a impressive 160# physique for colonless bastards like myself is appreciated... I guess i should sign myself up for some type of weird bodybuilding experiment.. :slight_smile: .. right now my max BP is 165# and max squat is 245# .. I think not bad considering last year at this time I weighed 125 pounds and was lying in the hospital split open like a thanksgiving turkey.. anyhow.


That's depressing. And kinda disgusting too. But welcome to the Nation.

I honestly have no idea what you're asking. It sounds like you're wondering if you can add more lean mass by eating less. While I sympathize with your plight, the above doesn't really sound likely. Possible, but unlikely.

Perhaps, to ease the strain on your system, you could consume more of your protein through protein shakes. There's nothing but powder and water to process, so it might be a little easier on your GI tract. I dunno.


I think mostly for now the question is .. If i am 158 pounds.. and want to add 7 pounds of muscle whats the min. amount of protein I should be consuming per day.. basically I only want to consume what is neccessary to attain a goal weight of 165 pounds then maintain that weight while adding muscle and losing fat... I feel that the 1g of protein per pound of body weight rule seems overkill for this goal... or i may be wrong.. Ive seen guys that look incredible at 165 and my height is only 5'9" .. also it was depressing for about 2 or 3 months but for me its just the way I am now..
thanks for reply.


Hey Fellow Colonless bastard!

I had a total colectomy (laparoscopically - 2 inch incision at naval) last year after having 2 golf ball size tumors along with 70+ polyps laced throughout the colon. At my smallest last fall, I was 145lbs. Now I'm 195lbs @ 5'11" & 12-14% bf. Not bad in less then a year in my opinion. But I've worked my ass off to make it happen.

Metabolic Drive has become my new best friend. 6-8 scoops a day plus 3 solid meals a day. The first two solid meals are usually chicken, fruit and veggies. The last solid meal is usually just a lean steak. I will also add a few slices of cheddar cheese at times for the calories and because it acts a "blocker" if needed.

For fruit, I only eat various berries and bananas. No apples! Sadly, I also have to stay away from spicy food. I also take Flameout - two in the morning and two at bedtime. If I keep the diet simple and follow as I just wrote, bathroom trips are kept to a minimum.

I'm not sure if I really answered your question. Personally, I get 120-160 grams of protein from the shakes and around 100-120 grams of protein from meat each day.

Feel free to PM me anytime. And if you find a "weird bodybuilding experiment" for us, let me know!

By the way, look on the bright side...when we're old men, we won't be sucking down prune juice daily just to take a shit.


JN7844 thanks for reply.. I am happy to meet someone who understands how hard the road has been.. 195 at 5'11" is impressive.. I want to be as strong as possible at about 165#... Spicy food is no good for me also.. do you have a J-pouch ? I do. I cant eat veggies due to scarring at the site of the old stoma.. i have narrowing of the intestines there which seems to be getting better over time...I will try out the cheddar cheese idea.. i need stuff that will slow things down. Really though what im wondering is if IM already at or near my goal weight of 165# do i need to consume 165-180 grams of protien/day to maintain that weight and get leaner while adding muscle..? Nutrition is the most complicated part to lifting... u almost need a phd in it to fully understand nutrition for lifters.. :)..


I think that eating a lot of chicken, pork, beef is the best way to slow down metabolism. So why don't eat it for all the time? It's great both for metabolism and for gain so what is the problem?

Spicy, fruits, veggies and fast food are not welcome, any alcohol obviously.

Next, I heard that milk isn't good for everyone because of lactose, but maybe it's worth to try for Ypu.

sleep a lot.

try eat more cooked carrot, I read somewhere that this is very good for problems like this.

At last, You should take care of stomach, it should work like a fucking motor to do all job with meals. So eat about 6 times a day, slowly, with small pieces. Don't drink anything from about hour after eating.

I dunno what to tell U more (I think that U know all things that I wrote but...)

I think that this quite impressive what you are trying to do here. Good luck with that.

P.S. Can You train normally? You know, is every exercise good for You? Even dead & squats?


wait. so do you poop normally? like out of your b.hole?


LOL.. put it this way Colonless bastards make cow patties (yes out of our bholes)... but its not too bad.. It still suprises me how "easily" the human body can adapt .. most of us are squeemish... but if the day ever comes that we are called upon to suck it up and keep living... keep your mind healthy and your body will follow.. :).

Hey I started this thread to find out if i need to consume 1.5grams of protein /lb of body weight if I want to maintain my current weight and just add muscle....you see im 165 now and would like to remain at that weight so i dont know if i should cut back on protein to get stronger and leaner or just keep on at 1.5g/lb of BW.


oh! now I understand what is going on here!!! I think that 1.5g is OK for U (maybe little to much, but I don't know on what intensity do You train) So I think that 1.5 is just OK and U should keep that (it's not to little, not to much)...

P.S. from this moment HolyMac don't like You OP, U are unworthy for him, he prefers boys with normal hole... :slight_smile:


Do you still have your J pouch or did you get reconnected? I am curious due to family member that is going through the same procedure. Thanks