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Colon Cleansing

What are the views about the “colon cleansing” products on the market. Do they really work. I heard a commercial stating that most people have several lbs. of fecal matter (sounds great right!) in thier intestinal track. I’m sure iron warriors who put away massive amounts of food probably have more. What about fasting,etc.

Been covered before. You don’t have anything “stuck” in your intestines, and you clear them out daily.

A fiber supplement is fine to keep the ole pooper in working order, but there’s no need for any additional “cleansing”.

there is absolutely no way there is anything in my colon. I can barely get the crap out so there is no way anything could stay in.

I’ll second DocT’s recommendation for a fiber supplement. Here’s what JB had to say on the topic of fasting:

When I switched to >30 gr. carb/day diet. I had … uh … problems at first. Metamucil didn’t seem to help much, but Colon Cleanse did. After a few weeks, I no longer needed it.

I’m not going to dismiss the claims, nor am I going to let someone else make up my mind about the possibility of putrid fecal matter in my intestines.
I purchased a product by Great American Products called Master Detox. It didn’t do anything so I got a refund. I plan on trying Colonblow. Go to Colonblow.com and check it out. If you really want to get grossed out, and see what may be trapped inside of you, check out their “outstanding poop pics”.


Here’s something I’ve been thinking about. Say someone was constipated for a long period of time and after switching to proper eating the person returned to being regular. Just how much crap can accumulate in a person’s intenstines over a long period of time? Is it possible for all that waste material to cause their lower abdominal walls to kinda bulge out if there was enough shit in there?

let me tell ya chuckie…
I have serious bowel probelems, and I am not ashamed to talk about it.
I will go, oh a week… ok, that sucks. my waist is about 25 inches, but when I am backed up, it is close to 30. It hurts to breath, pee, I need maternity clothes, but alas, I would like foolish seeing as how I am not pregnant. my dr has dx’d me with irritable bowel syndrome and his only recommendation is to take metamucil nightly… that just backed me up more. I am now just buying a laxative. I don’t care if I get addicted, I feel like I have tried everything (and I do eat healthy with lots of fiber) and I give up…

25 inch waist to 30 inch waist? Jesus!

From what I’ve read, “colon cleansing”
is basically bogus. Sure proper intake of fiber to keep the bowel regular is necessary but, there is no evidence that any fecal matter gets stuck to the intestinal walls. If this were so, it would be seen during colonoscopy and surgery. The cells lining the intestinal tract slough off just like our outer layer of skin.
I do believe that diet and nutrient intake are important to digestive health and also feel (based on my own experience) that emotional state can have a major influence on the digestive tract. I’ve been taking several grams of glutamine per day for about 10 years now. I know that it’s gotten panned for post workout recovery but I believe it can be important to the health of the colon.

sarahm: I’m wondering…have you had a workup by a gastroenterologist. As a 3 times per day guy, your once a week blows me away! You might want to check out the Life Extension Foundation at lef.org. They have a lot of well researched disease treatment and prevention protocols. (Including yours.) Perhaps you can find something helpful there. http://www.lef.org/protocols/index.shtml
Hope this helps.

hey sarahm…i have the same condition. was diagnosed when i was a young’un and was also told to take Citrucel for it. didnt help any. but then i have lots of high stress/anxiety so i may be going onto Zoloft or something soon to numb down my overactive colon :stuck_out_tongue: i have the opposite of what you have…OVERactive…bah! talk about daily-life-interruptive-annoyance.

try visiting this site, it’s kind if interesting: www.eatingforibs.com … this lady pushes soluble fiber as a basis to your diet instead of insoluble. ie taking metamucil/citrucel/benefiber is a staple. there’s a msg board there too and LOTS of women suffer from this condition.

as for me, i was regular ONCE in my life due to diet…and it was thanks to T-Dawg 2.0. granted there’s a lot of roughage in that diet but hey man. it worked for me.

Sara Try fortyflax by barleens.
Or any milled flaxseeds. Just make sure it’s not flax powder that stuff is nasty.
It can be mixed into shakes and other foods, also it has little to no taste.

This is a flax fiber far better then metamucil.

Also live cultures may help as well.
Like Acidolphillus [sp?].

Hope this helps,


I certainly didn’t find multiple pounds of impacted fecal matter in the intestines of my cadaver when taking Gross Anatomy. If you were going to find it I think it would be most likely in my cadaver as she was a grossly overweight middle aged woman. I’ve read books over the years describing pounds of impacted fecal matter and kind of expected to see it, but it just wasn’t there. Sure there was some fecal matter but nothing that a gallon of GoLytlely could not clean out overnight.