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Colon Cleansing

Can anybody recommend a good colon cleansing kit? I’m worried about colon cancer later on down the road. Now I eat a decent amount of fiber but a couple of years ago pretty much ate none. From what I understand a good cleansing kit will help break off stuff attached to the colon wall. Any recommendations?


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You don’t have anything “attached” to your colon wall unless you have polyps or a tumor of some sort. No cleansing kit is going to change that.

Try AIM (available all over the internet) Herbal Fiberblend. I take 1to 2 tbl sp first thing in the morning and it is beyond compare. Over time this acts to gradually cleanse colon, keeps stuff moving on a daily basis just fine too. Been using this stuff for years (on & off) and I can’t recomment highly enough.

DocT - Please explain??? I have always heard from non-mainstream Doctors that advocate fasting to cleanse the colon. What is the tar stuff coming out in the stools? thanks

just run your ass by the carwash.


Do you take this every morning?

You said you take it “on and off,” does that mean you take a break from it sometimes? Is it wise to take a break from it every now and then? (Like say you take it for the first 3 weeks of every month and then take a week off).



I’ve been doing more research on it. Yes, nothing is attached to the wall what DocT said. What I want to clean out is the tar/sludge sitting in my colon. From what I understand, nothing enters into the colon but a water subtance w/ nutrients, that water/nutrients is absorbed through the colon walls and used through out the body. What is left in the colon is what the body doesn’t want (works like a filter) or can’t use. I also read that the avg colon contains about 6-8 meals worth of toxins that your body can’t use or doesn’t want. That’s the sludge/tar that needs to be purged out. I’ve heard from several sources that John Wayne’s colon weighed 16lbs (not sure if rumor). I’ve found some good cleansing products from light and easy to aggressive (Colon Blow).

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That tar/sludge is called feces, and you clean it out every time you take a dump. You don’t accumulate anything in your colon other than that. No meals, no sludge, no small children… If you did have what people claim in your colon, you’d soon become obstructed and have symptoms of obstruction which you WOULD notice. This is actually very easy to figure out if you had the same hospital access that I do. Go watch a colonoscopy on somebody who’s cleared out “naturally” (i.e. not eating for a few days) and you’ll see nothing but beautiful bowel mucosa. No sludge, no meals, no misplaced bottles of Myostat.

I use gerbils to cleanse my colon.

Drink some Budweiser, that seems to cleanse my colon pretty good the next morning. And if you can’t afford Budweiser go with Milwalkees Beast. Some people claim that works even better.

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Beautiful? I’ve had a colonoscopy, and I woke up about 3/4 of the way through it. I saw what they were looking at on a vid screen, and I can’t say it was beautiful. But then again, “eye of the beholder” and all that…

Another suggestion is that you guys could just come down here to New Orleans and sample the local cuisine. The next day when your ass is on fire you won’t be worrying about thing NOT coming out…hehe. Brider, you’re absolutely right about it being in the eye of the beholder. The thing is that when that particular beholder has seen a colonoscopy that’s not clean (it’s what radiologists would call a fecaloma on x-ray) then you better appreciate the poop free colon.

DocT - After living uptwon and eating at Mother’'s, Clancy’s, Frank and Johnny’s, and Kyoto’s for too many years - I do feel like a colon cleanse is in order and have felt the urge to go ahead and purchase COLONBLOW - many Docs who are into alternative treatments and natural remedies are big into fasting for cleansing the toxins from you system (to include your intestines and colon) question: does cleansing the poo pipe do damge? Glad to see a fellow New Awlins boy on here!

juice fasts, tea fasts, and colon cleansers are hoaxes

Although I don’t believe there’s probably much benefit, there’s probably not much harm done either. If you feel the need, go for it.

Hey Doc,

What’s the explanation of that black stuff that comes out the first time you use Metamucial, or other fibre drinks?