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Colon Cleanse

somebody help me out here…

i’ve read about fiber supplements and colon cleanse…but is this for real? this website shows some pretty disgusting photos of what “should” be eliminated from your colon during the ‘cleanse’…

this looks a little worrisome…referring to what should be elminiated: “This accumulation can have the consistency of truck tire rubber.”

has anyone had any experience with this??



I was just at that website and was wondering myself if it were real or not. I was going to go back but I couldn’t remember the site name. Is this a sign?

Those pics are sick; hard to imagine that shit is inside you (pun intended).

I’ve done a cleanse before, 2 days of raw fruit and veggies, 3 days of fruit and veggie juice, then 2 days of fruit and veggies before starting back in with “real” food. Surprisingly, I had more energy than ever before despite consuming very few calories. It also helped tremendously with cravings.

My only beef is that I would think, though I’m not sure, that it would be hard to maintain lean mass while eating like that. However, it is more of a cost vs. benefits thing.

Here’s another good site about all that jazz.

What I find odd about those photos (and there is a lot to find odd about them… yuck. lol) is that they talk about the stuff being the consistency of “truck tire rubber”. Part of me wonders if their product does not make your stools come out like that! Seriously, have you EVER had a problem with a “truck tire rubber” consistency issue? It is smelling a little bit like a bunch of hooey to me (pun completely intended).


I love the way they prop those turds up in the pictures with chopsticks…

Anyone for Chinese buffet?

Seriously though, I’ve had some pretty wierd looking shits lately, but nothing anything CLOSE to that!

Needless to say (if, in fact, this is a legitimate product) it would feel pretty good to get that stuff outta ya. Though I have to say I’d opt for surgery before trying to pass those nuggets the ol’ fashioned way.