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Colon Cleanse Products?


Does anyone have any experience and/or opinions about any of the colon cleanse products?


As far as I know it's psyllium husk. Good insoluble fiber source, but don't eat/drink too much.


Most thorough would be something like Go-lytely, use for bowel prep pre surgery or pre c-scope.

Of course this is not recommended to be used regurlarly since it can cause electrolyte imbalances.

It takes about a day and a half to do the job, and nothing remains in the GI tract and you'll excrete clear water liquid. Not super fun and a rather pointless exercise but probably faster and much easier and effective than alternative ''health'' products.

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From intensemuscle.com, the Heckman flush. Have fun.

  • whole psyllium husks - cheap as hell when bought in bulk - start w/ 1 teaspoon morning and night. gradually work up to 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 teaspoons. the heckster also says he hits a teaspoon @ night before bed and he drops a nice dukie in the morning - definitely good advice to stay clean and regular

  • activated charcoal - i thought this one was odd, but when the shit and toxins are being let loose, the charcoal helps to absorb them so the end up in the toilet and not your bloodstream. heckman said people who don't use the charcoal get headaches, etc when that nasty shit releases into your body instead of being expelled. 2 caps morning and night

  • herbal tabs/herbal caps - heckman's "scrubbing bubbles" as he puts it. these are tough to find IMO. mine were $25 for 275 pills. they should contain the following: senna leaf/extract, licorice root/extract/(whatever), peppermint extract, etc. There are A LOT of things in these pills, and if i had the bottle in front of me, i could be more helpful.

i know the senna is big, because that is what the colonix tea is, is senna tea. my herbal tabs had a shitload of stuff, but no senna, so, i bought the tabs and purchased the senna leaf supp for an additional $6. take these 2 in the morning and night, then you can increase to 3 morning and night, then 4 morning and night

30 days



I've found basically a magnesium 'Colon Cleanse' product that sort of sucks water into your bowel or whatever and basically liquifies everything. Downside - If living with someone basically have to clean the toilet after every dump.




If it's the colon cleanse with the intestine on the bottle, there is something else. I forget what it is, but it's more like a laxative than just psyllium husk or bulk forming fiber complex.


You wanna clean out your colon for cheap?

For 1 day, eat lima beans, prune juice, and Kraft South Beach Diet bars(lots of sugar alcohol, don't ya know)...


Your colon does not need cleansing. You clean it every time you have a bowel movement.


I have a habit of eating too much lean protein and not getting enough fiber. So things occasionally get hung up so to speak. The Heckman routine like LittleJim mentioned works. I have never done it for the full 30 days. But over the course of a week or two, it definitely gets things moving. I prefer it to chemical laxatives.

There is no empirical evidence that you can pull "toxins" out of your large intestine. But I have found the charcoal does keep the gas down.

Also, as far as the "Go Lightly" stuff the doctors give. Well, I have had cause to do that stuff twice...they lie. There is nothing lightly about that stuff. If you start taking that, better install seat belts on the thrown.