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Colloidal Silver


I saw a lecture given by Bob Beck regarding the miraculous healing properties of colloidal silver. Do you guys have any experience with it?


When did you see him speak? He died in 2002.

I've read that it has supposed antibiotic properties. I was going to try it myself at one point to see it's effect on my acne, but never got around to it.

This is the first I've read about blood electrification, colloidal silver, and ozone therapy which Beck supposedly created. I don't know much about it. I did a quick google search and read up a little. Anytime I hear the word "miraculous" though alarm bells start ringing. It's definitely fringe.

What were you interested in it specifically for?


I saw a ripleys beleive it or not episode about a woman that had been treated with it over a long period of time and her skin became infused with it. she wasn;t metallic looking but definately greyish metal in color. I can only imagine the dosages that caused this. All metals have a tendancy to build up in the body.

Silver does have anti microbial properties and is used topicaly for some wounds and burns.


I was just thinking the same thing! She turned grey... it was fucking disgusting.


Argyria is a dermatological condition in which the skin changes in pigment from its natural color to a greyish-blue. The condition occurs as a result of cumulative exposure to silver nitrates, which over time percolate into the dermis. Initially tinting it a pallid bluebell, continued treatment tarnishes the skin first to slate, then puce, then finally a dull confederate grey.


For your information, silver is considered a hazardous constiuent per RCRA and has the same regulatory limit as chromium.

In other words any waste containing 5.0 mg/L or more would be considered a hazardous waste per RCRA.

No, household hazardous waste is not regulated (and sewage is covered by the Clean Water Act), but I bring this up to illustrate that high levels of it may not be very good for you. I would have to go back to the early Federal Registers to determine why the feds though it necessary to list silver as a hazardous constiuent.

BTW, there are only eight RCRA metals; arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium and silver.

Silver's keeping some pretty nasty company.

You might want to keep this in mind before you go dosing yourself with it.


Another freak who thinks this works.


Hey these people can be those silver dudes that act like statues and shit around busy parts of town. They don't even have to put on make up.


I actually sell colloidal silver in my store in varying strengths. We actually find the lowest strength (10ppm) to be our most successful. The stories of people turning "grey" after long term exposure to silver nitrates is only occuring in those usually making their own "home brew" which normally ranges from 650ppm to 1200ppm. And when I say long term use, I mean many many years at multiple doses a day.

As far as its antibacterial effects, colloidal silver can be used under the tongue for immune boost, topically for infections/cuts, in the ears to help with infection there (or even better, place on a swab and swab the ears with it DIRECTLY following a good ear candling), in the eyes to help with pink eye, and in the nose as a sinus infection reliever. Overall, I continue to recommend it to my clients and see daily success with it. If you want any more info on it, just hit me up with a PM.


The doses Bob recommends are very mild. About 3 ounces of 5 ppm glasses of distilled water a day.

I found schematics for making my own colloidal silver generator online. It's very easy to make and costs about $20.


Everything you need to know about Bob Beck's protocols and methods, as well as proof of his methods can be found here:



worked for this guy...


Bob Beck's therapy might be fringe, but silver definitely kills germs. Maybe not as powerful as an antibiotic, and clearly not a miracle cure, but it works okay.

In the Middle Age, whenever there was an epidemic of something transmitted through water, the rich people usually were much less affected, even though they were drinking the same water as the poor. The reason: silver cups were pretty popular among the wealthy.


Holy shit!!!! It must be good!!!!


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Stan jones 2002 libertarian candidate for montana, turned blue grey from colloidal silver. He was afraid of y2k bug causing med shortages. Hehe doofus.


Ok... I can agree that silver probably has some antibiotic properties, but to say that's the reason why rich people were less affected by disease is hard to swallow. There's so many other factors that could have CAUSED the effect.


Kind of adds to the Born with a silver spoon mystique...


Sounds like it didn't do him much good.


One of the Daily Show correspondants interviewed (made fun of) him, back in the day. He lost the election.


Sure, silver does have amazing anti-microbial properties. In fact, the use of silver in dressings has advanced the treatment and healing of burn victims a long way in the last few years.

That doesn't mean we should all start dosing ourselves with it because we think it might help fight off sickness. It's not like we're fighting off the plague -- the only epidemic I've heard about lately has been obesity.