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Can anyone recommend some colleges with good exercise/sports science programs?


Dr. Awesome


I am looking for the same thing, including a quality kinesiolgy program. I've heard Penn State has quite the programs for those who are interested in fields where exercise science and kinesiology are commonly used.


University of Connecticut. I am sure our good friend Eric Cressey can fill you in on that some more (although he did his grad school work there... I believe it is still the same professors).



I'm a senior in high school so I'm in the same stage as you (I'm guessing.)

I want to take athletic training or excersize science as a bachelor and then take physical therapy for my doctorate.

Here are a few schools I'm looking at (that have them):

Boston University
Northeastern University
University of New England
Kings College
University of pittsburgh
Duqesne (SP?)
Elon university
Sacred Heart University
Quinnipiac University
University of Tampa