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Colleges With Powerlifting Teams


Anyone know any good colleges along the east coast with powerlifting teams?



I do not know about the east coast, but if you are interested in a good school with a great PL program check out Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana.


I would contact USAPL. They could tell you.


Louisiana, Texas, or Service Academy. Maybe Ball State.

Or go to Ohio state and train at WSB...


Texas A&M. I lifted there from 1996-1999.



The teams I remember (besides Texas A&M)are:

1.) Louisiana Tech
2.) University of Louisiana Lafayette
3.) Nicholls state (Louisiana)
4.) University of Texas (Austin)
5.) Ball State
6.) Louisiana State University
7.) West Point
8.) Naval Academy
9.) Air Force Academy

Powerlifting is a club sport. It is NOT NCAA sanctioned. USAPowerlifting has its own rules for qualifying for collegiate nationals.

1.) Hit the qualifying total for a certain weight class.
2.) Be under 24(?) years of age. *check this number, I do not remember)

So pick whatever school you want to go based on academics and make the qualifying total and go.



If all goes well Boston University will have it as a club sport beginning this fall. Unfortunately, it would currently consist of two people who actually powerlift (with more on the list so the club can get money for equipment), but it's a start..


thanks for the information



im hoping to be a good enough lifter to join a powerlifting team when i get to college....ive got 2 years til then....gonna be workin hard


You have to be under 25.