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Any ideas on how to do the Growth Surge in college? I can train accordingly, but I’m having trouble getting enough carbs. My breakdown is 360g protein, 700g carbs, and 90g fat for a total of 5050 calories. Following Berardi’s P+F and P+C idea, its pretty hard to eat that much. On lift days I’m alright, but on non lift days I’m stranded at about 550g carbs.

im gonna be in the same boat when i start massive eating.THe cafe doesn’t offer many clean carbs

Just curious: what’s your stats? Ht, wt? Are you using any supps: MAG 10, etc? I’m just a tad confused about your question on not finding enough carbs. Add a another scoop or scoops of oatmeal. More brown rice? White rice? Pasta? In my world, there’s so MANY carbs and not enough time to eat them all! hee hee.

Boo hoo, you can only get 550g of carbs in on an non lift days. Ok, I’m just jealous. If I consumed 550g of carbs on a daily basis I would be a 300lb fat bastard inside of a month. But then, your probably young, very active and have a healthy metabolism. I have one cheap suggestion for you, if you have no problems digesting milk. One can of evaporated skim milk has 30g p, 45g c, and trace amounts of fat. A can costs about $.99. All in all it’s a pretty cheap little mrp for someone who just needs extra calories. Throw a couple in your knap sack with a little can opener, and down em between classes.

Buy 2 or 3 tupperware containers, bring them into your cafeteria, discretely fill them up with rice, pasta, chicken, whatever you want, slip’em in your bag and walk out. I get into the caf here 2x a day but normally eat 4-5 times. Hell, 1 of my roommates walked out with 6 oranges and a loaf of bread yesterday.

I don’t know about where you’re at, but oatmeal at the caf at the University where I work is only one buck. With milk it boots that price up a whopping .25 cents. So, you could probably get a good fill of oatmeal in the AM also.

Oats and yams are the cheapest things in the world. Make a trip to a grocery store and stock up. Also, don’t worry about sticking to P&C and P&F meals if you’re using Mag-10; you should just make sure to keep protein and carbs high. Fat doesn’t need to be “purposely” included (other than 6g combined EPA/DHA) because the androgens take care of upping T. Naturally, though, you need to make sure that fat is high enough to support endogenous T levels.

700? That seems high. I would stick with about 500. I would make it up with with fats personally. That will only be an extra 85g of fats. My favorite snacks are almonds, sunflower seeds and some string cheese. These are all quick and easy and will help with intake. Like I say, I think that the 700 is a little high. When I ate for mass the first time, I made the mistake of eating a bunch of carbs and regretted it. I gained too much extra fat. Now I am eating more almonds and stuff to round out my cals and I am not getting as much bf from it. Go figure.

Thanks for all the advice. And yes I am young, healthy, and have a decent metabolism. I was just concerned about eating too much in one sitting because wouldn’t that be almost counterproductive. If I’m wrong let me know. I’ll think about upping the fat.

why is your fat intake so low?