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College Wrestlers Eating Disorder Struggle

I’m a former College Wrestler about 1 year out who’s developed an eating disorder over the span of my college career. Having been a State Champion Wrestler, I also was an All State Football player, and Strongman Competitor. During my high school bout, i set 2 teen national strongman records (stones, and Conans wheel) , along with a state bench press record for the high school 185lb bench press test. (47 reps). Also successful in powerlifting with a 550,385, 635, lifts.

I decided to continue my career by wrestling at an ACC wrestling program. Having weighed 225 in high school, I was committed to wrestle 197 in college. I was already fairly lean at 225 with visible abs, but after struggles of dieting, water cutting, and bulimia too make weight my eating disorder developed. Now after wrestling in college and playing football after at an FCS school, I continue to fight this struggle as I journey back into powerlifting/bodybuilding. Begining this log.

Yesterday’s eating. After a binge earlier this week, that ended with purging, I felt the need to start this log. Yesterday’s diet was a moderate carb day

Weight 95.4 Kilos
2/3 cup of egg whites
2 whole eggs
3/4 cup of oatmeal

Shake Mid Morning-
30g whey
13 almonds (.6oz)

Lunch (pre workout meal)
5 oz chicken breast
3/4 cup of brown rice
1/2 apple


Post Workout- 35g maltodextrin
15 pineapple juice
30g whey

Dinner- 5 oz tilapia
1 cup brown rice
1/2 cup mixed veggies

Post Dinner- 4oz lean beef
1 cup green beans
1 medium sweet potato

Pre Bed- 25 g Whey mixed w/ almond mike
.3oz of almonds
5 egg whites

Training- Chest Shoulders/ Arms Touch Up

Bench Press w/ pause ramped up to 275lbs x 3
dropped for 225x10 (Strength reall really low lately)

Dumbell Seated Press 6x4 w/ 60,65’s waving, dropped for extended set of 8,4,2 w/ 55lb dumbell

Pre Fatigue s/s
Banded Pec Fly’s x 8 reps s/s Incline bench 155lbs 3 rounds w/ 1 extended set

Pec Deck 3x8 w/ extended set.

Arm s/s Pushdowsx8
EZ bar Curls 95lbs x8 5 or 6 rounds

Preacher dumbell curls 3x15 no rest to failure

Ab circuit at end w/ tabata bike sprints. Solid Workout, glad diet went well, hopefully will stay like this.

Training 1/16

Front Squats ramp with 4’s up to 315 for 2+2
Back squats 6x4 little rest 315
255x8+4+2 fail
Good Morning 225 3x8 plus 185 extended se
Extensions 8x10 unilateral, quads on fire plus iso at end
Ab circuit of hanging leg raises, plate crunches and side bends to finish it off
Some static stretching at the end.

Need to remember calf work!

Eating for today…
Meal 1
2/3 cup of egg whites
3/4 cup of oatmeal
A little whey in the oatmeal for taste 5 g maybe
1/2 cup if grapefruit juice

Meal 2

30 g whey
2/3 oz of almonds

Meal 3
5 oz chicken breast
1/2 apple
3/4 cup of brown rice

Pre workout - coffee, fat burn pill

Post workout
30 g whey
25 g maltodextrin
3/4 cup pineapple chunks

Meal 4
1 cup brown rice
2 tilapia filets
1/2 cup mixed veggies

Meal 5
5 oz ground turkey
1 small sweet potato
1 cup green beans

Meal 6
Protein pudding!
1/2 cup of almond milk
25 g whey
1/2 cup egg whites
1/2 oz almonds

good on you for being honest about the problem and fixing it. Don’t disappoint us

Thanks for the support brother! Hopefully this is the beginning of a new journey
Today’s eating
Breakfast 2 whole eggs
1/2 cup of egg whites
3/4 cup of oatmeal
1/2 cup of grapefruit juice
Was suppose to do carrion in the am but woke up a little late, so did conditioning post workout

Met a friend in the cafe ate chicken hummus and way too much veggies, ate until I was too full on veggies, gotta stop this

Meal 3
30 g whey
13 almonds

Meal 4
3/4 cup of brown rice
1/2 apple
5 oz chicken breasts

Post workout shake
30 g whey
25 g maltodextrin
2/3 cup pineapple chunks

2 fish filets
2/3 cup of rice
1/2 sweet potato
Spinach and lettuce salad

25 g whey
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup egg whites
1/2 oz of almonds


Seated military. 4x6 145,145,140,140 plus a set of ten with 115
Db incline 6x4 70,65 plus extended 8,4,2 with 60
HS lat pulls 4x8 plus 8,4,2 unilateral

Upright row, front raise, Cuban circuit
65, 20, 8, sets of 8 did 3

Seated rows low pulley 4x8 s.s band pull aparts

Finished it off with lateral raise to fail with 15 lb dead stops

6 200m sprints s.s with ab work

For you to accomplish what you have in the sporting world, you definitely have the strength ( mental and physical) and the determination to beat this demon. Keeping a log is an excellent way to stay accountable to yourself. I’m definitely tuning in to this one. All the best and stay strong!

Thanks so much for the support, it means more than you guys know. Will be logging training and eating later tonight, the hardest part is dealing with all the lost strength, struggling with weight that was child’s play at one point. Thinking about maybe starting the HP mass program.

Training today. Starting the Coan Phillipi deadlift routine, it’s brutal! Haha

Ramp w/ 2’s up to 440 for a dub.

8x3 350 speedy deads

BO row w. 225 3x8 plus extended set
Stiff leg deads 3x8 275 , plus a heavy set w. 285

GM’s 3x8 w. 225
Chin grip pull downs 205 3x8

I know it’s suppose to be a circuit but the gym was packed today, and people kept trying to steal the rack.

Ab work
Oblique cable crunches
Cable crunches regular
Hanging leg raise
3x8 each plus extended sets at end

20 min step mill intervals to finish it off 2 min level 12 1 min 14

Definitely a tough one today!
Eatings been good, haven’t had a binge or bolemic episode in almost a week now, which is great.

Training today, doing modified indigo hp mass.
Bench Press 3x6 up to 260 for 7
Military press 95 for 3x10 small knee bend to protect lower back
Floor press 4x6 up to 215 drop to 205 for 8 -4-2
Pec deck x8 s.s wide grip bench press x6-8 plus fail drop set

Tri set
Extensions cable x8
Hammer curls to ear x8
Canker front raise x8
5 or 6 rounds

Eatings been on point! Cravings still there but fighting them off

Insanely close to a binge yesterday, but was able to get through it. Still a struggle but fighting it off. Notice it’s my off days where I’m most tempted.

Training -
Kroc Massive leg squat program!

Back squat
335x5 355x5 375x3 plus 2 singles

Stiff Leg Deads 3x8 325

Leg Press 10, 10 , full plates, 8,8 full plates plus a 35 6,6 plus another 35
Did a strip set toes out VMO focus…did it cause I didn’t want to rack all the plates myself haha

Walking lunges 3x20 steps
Small bar plus 5’s

Leg Curls 10 plus red bands 3x8 great contraction

Ab circuit
Oblique rope crunches x 10
Leg raises 15
Weighted machine crunches 10

Did 3 rounds failed at the end.

Had a cheat today, but I knew it was needed , started feeling like shit, and actually felt great after it. Took a nap woke up feeling fuller and tighter. Consisted of clean foods though, ground turkey, oatmeal, 2 eggs, lots of whole grain toast…and a couple Newman natural cookies haha. But glad I didn’t let it go overboard, felt full then walked away.

Planning on incorporating refeed clean every 10 days, and and a clean cheat meal every other 10 days so basically 10 days dieting 1 refeed, then the next 10 days will be a cheat meal.

Training today, had. To use a shitty apartment gym, due to schedule but still got good work in.

Incline Press 10,10,8,8,6 with one extended 8-4-2
Band pull a parts x10

Machine shoulder press 4x8
Lat pulls x8 plus extended set

Push-ups with band rssistance and full pause x12
Seated rows x10 1x fail drop set

Shoulder circuit
Front raises 30 s
Bo rear delt raises hands pronated ( hands pronated felt awesome) 15s
Band Cubans red
3 sets to fail

Dead stop seated laterals x8-10
Stranding laterals with swing for forced reps xfail 3 sets

Bike conditioning tabata
Plus 12 min steady state