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College Training

Hey Guys! Got another question for ya’ll. Does anyone here still go to college and is part of the football team, or use 2? I was wondering if those who did, would be kind enough to share what the lifting regimen looks like. Hopefull we can get some from the big name football schools like USC, or UCLA. Well Thanks!

I had the opportunity to work under very uneducated and unmotivated strength coaches.

The first one was a Starr disciple, who (starr) i believe is a very educated man, but his disciple was not. The heavy, light, medium template turned into all three days the same majors and aux. lifts for 8-12 weeks, with a slight BFS rep variation.

I then had the opportunity to work with an extremely high energy guy, with not much background, but he got everybody in the weight room. Everybody loved to train with him around, but he got people fried after two to three weeks…injuries, overtraining, etc. I liked him, but if you didnt have your own head on, you were in the training room.

It took some knowledgable outside trainers i worked with to get some imbalances worked out and better results.

I feel with the experience i saw at the college and pro level, personally, helped me design programs now for my clients.

Where do you go to school?

Designing a program right now,