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College Student, What Do You Think?


To start off my goals include: Pull 400, Squat 415, Bench 275, get as big as possible, and continue to better my form, and increase my knowledge every day.
My style of training is basically a west side powerlifting template for beginers, here is a link of my training template www.defrancostraining.com/articles.html
Diet includes: 3,500 calories and around 350g of protein per day.
Best lifts include: 260 bench, 385 dead, 405 squat


You look swole bro, you competing anytime soon?

Keep us updated.


Legs ? Back ?


for some reason its not letting me post all of my pics in the same spot sh here is a leg shot


here is a back pic, again excuse me as i have messed up putting the pics in random places


I'm probably going to do another local powerlifting meet in about 5 months, it just depends on my schedule in college because I would have to make a trip home and its right around finals week I believe.


Looking good man keep it up.. How much do you weigh? Height?


Im 5'11 and currently 180


college is prime muscle building time. keep getting bigger, and the numbers you want will come...easily


Looking good man! I think i regognize the gym in your pictures, and if i'm right you have one hell of an atmosphere surrounding you! Not to mention those guys are the best of the best!


yes sir, im really blessed to have those guys take me in when i was just a beginer 4years ago. I am really lucky to learn as much as I have from guys like that, strength beyond gym is prob. has that kind of loyality to its members that most commercial gyms just dont have. I couldnt ask for a better atmosphere.


just weighed in at 189 today, which is making me pretty happy


Updated pic? Curious what the extra 9 looks like.



updated pic


another updated back pic


Im gaining weight, just feeling a little bloated (as to be expected though). I pulled a new pr 410lbs yesterday, and Im going to try and do it again this weekend so I can post a video. Im going home for the weekend so I will have access to a video camera, and be able to workout at my real gym!


Keep it up man...go Broncos!



great stuff, have you been bulking/ cutting lately? what are some of your goals that relate to bodybuilding or power lifting etc. ?


I have been bulking, for about 3 weeks, and Plan to keep going up but not limited to 10-12 weeks. It really depends on how my lifts are going and how Im feeling. My powerlifting goals are posted at the top of the page along with my first pic. I also have a few bodybuilding goals that I didnt post, which include add overall mass to my calves, traps, and add to my pathetic biceps. I kind of keep my bodybuilding goals to myself b/c the power lifters give me shit for it, lol, but none the less I just want add more mass.