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College Safety

I was reading my school paper today and, on the front page, I came across the story of another student being held up at gunpoint outside of his dorm. This is probably the fifteenth such incident that’s been reported since I’ve been attending. I don’t even want to speculate about the ones that hush. It’s an open campus that’s sort of in a hybrid neighborhood: it’s one part quiet middle class folks and another part borderline ghetto. If you take a walk within a mile radius of the school, you’ll either be greeted with a smile from an elderly couple or the snarl of a lunging pitbull that would like nothing better than to disfigure you. But back to the robberies: this is a fucking joke. Campus security is horrible. Talk about incompetence. I have never seen more than one security guard at a time patrolling the grounds. Usually, that too is a joke because the guy is tagging cars for minor parking violations instead of worrying about protecting students.

As for the people that commit these crimes, for them, this is easy work. They won’t be met with any kind of resistance from the people they’re robbing. Security is a non-issue. It’s a quick run to oblivion. There are no fences or gates to get in anybody’s way. These guys literally walk on campus, assault and steal from one or more people, and then walk right off. Beats getting a job, eh? Amazing. What’s the point of all this? I don’t know, I just felt like talking about something that’s been bothering me. I’d also like to warn all you other college people to keep your guard up on campus. It’s easy to be carefree while you’re strolling to the library at midnight. But watch out for the stupid punk with a gun that wants to jack all of $25 in your wallet and steal your cell phone.

I bet it’s against campus policy to have a legally owned and legally concealed firearm on campus for personal protection too…

When you say “legally concealed” keep in mind that you won’t go waving it around to show everybody how shiny it is. It should only come out when you shoot the punk that thought he was a real badass 2 seconds earlier. I’d take my chances shooting someone in defense and deal with the court system afterwards rather than be defenseless because the school rules fail to provide for my safety.

Not totally sure about colleges, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were also considered part of the “gun free zones” the feds have set up for all public schools.

Anyway, if it’s not banned by the fed’s, you can guarantee it is banned by the college. All they worry about is the legal liability issue, which is why they ban it.
Sort of along the same lines as many jobs (like at ‘stop-n-robs’ such as 7-11) that ban guns not for the “danger of it falling into the wrong hand” but for the legal aspect of being sued.

Then you merely compound that issue with the most often sh*tty security the schools have (if they even have some) and they are an open zone for criminals. Reminiscent of places like chicago, ny city, wash dc, britain, oz…

I bought a 357 in a dorm, my roommate bought an UZI in the dorm, and our sweet-mate pulled a 45 out and pistol whipped one of his teammates on the basketball team right outside the same dorm. He ended up in jail.
Of course, all of this happened in Texas.

At least at UMCP, the policy is ‘no weapons.’

And also, apparently, get robbed every other week.

College students will never be able to carry concealed. The halls of academia are so steeped in dogmatic Marxism that it will never happen. And that is a sad, sad thing.