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hey guys! you are undoubtedly my favorite bunch of people. It is great hearing all your opinions on whatever the subject is. Well, I just came back from vacation, and in 2 weeks i am moving into College...my freshman year. I will be living in a pretty cool dorm. I will have 2 other roommates.

MY QUESTION TO YOU GUYS --- what advantages/tricks/insite to you guys have/recommend for me to use. What I mean is i have never met those other 2 kids, so how do I establish my image...what should i start off as? Do I need to bring anything?

The room will be one big room with 3 beds, and a smaller room with desks and stuff. Should I try to get one bed into the smaller room and have a single all to myself? If so how would I do this?

I come to you guys for some advice, so anything will help. I need all the advantage/experience I could get from you guys. Thanks


Gee, 'you guys' are the best.


Just make sure they know that they can't walk allover you. What i mean is use and abuse your stuff, treat you like shit, ect. Give off teh appearence that if they fuck with you or any of your stuff there is going to be trouble.


Establishing an image? How bout being yourself? Stupid freshman. So much to learn.


I'm not in college yet but I go to a school where I live on a dorm. My suggestion is just to be yourself. Don't go in acting like a tough guy or some shit like that.

Be considerate of your roomates and if they don't return the favor then don't worry about it.

Buy a good pair of earplugs. If you like to go to bed when you want to go to bed (i.e. early) and they don't, then you'll either have to adapt to listening to people talking and music playing while you're trying to sleep (I know I have) or get a pair of earplugs.

When I lived on dorm for the first year (9th grade), I had pretty much no clue what I was actually getting into until it hit me in the face (living away from home, having to live with people you don't know at all). Don't try to anticipate anything. Just go and pretty much go with the flow.


Anytime either of the two new roomies looks at you, spit on the floor then start digging madly at your crotch while whistling the theme from "The Brady Bunch". Of course, the first time you do this you may get a few strange looks but if you can twitch a lot and mumble "Where's my gun damnit, I KNOW it's in here somewhere" while digging you will find that they quickly look away.

Both will fear you and offer you the private room.

I also suggest that you let it "slip" that your "Doctor" told you that housework was on of your "Triggers" and that you hope they don't mind if you start acting "Weird" when you clean up.

Instant Live-In maids.

I love helping people.


"Advice is like castor oil, easy enough to give but dreadful uneasy to take"

~ Josh Billings


Talk to them ahead of time so you guys know what to bring...fridge, microwave, etc.


great training topic. Be yourself. Time to get off the tit and realize the primary reason you are at school. Study, make beneficial relationships, discover new horizons, and get as much sex as you possibly can as safely as you can and with willing partners.


Talk to them beforehand. Split all the necessities evenly (microwave, tv, vcr, couch, etc.) Just make sure that you respect their wishes and you respect theirs. If one of them is in the room gettin some ass, go to someone else's room and hangout for awhile. If you got a big test and need to study, tell them.

When I was a freshman, my roommate and I didn't get along great, but we didn't hate each other. It was just like a "we live together relationship". We split everything, and respected each other. I don't talk to him anymore, but when we do, it's friendly. Just make sure you try to be friends with your roommates first, then go out of the room.


Thank god I NEVER had to live in a dorm all through college. I played baseball....so I either lived in an apartment or house with teamates, only had to share a room my fresh/sophmore years! I dont think I could of handled living in a dorm. I was never the partier in college and I like my piece and quiet. So living in a dorm would have driven me nuts...haha.


Tony G, I was lucky enough to have a single room for the second half of last school year and I'll have a single room all of next year.

Ahhh, its great to have seniority.


oh brother, i can tell you all about this shit. first off it will be the best and worst experience of your life all in one. trust me. talk to them, figure out whos bringing what. i suggest getting lofts for any college student because it made a huge difference in living space. dont get too comfortable or you will not want to study. i suggest not bringing a television. many bad habbits come from these. also, good reason to go to girls rooms for some movies. lots of GROW! because all your food will probable be fried shit. study hard and get involved with the campus life. i can highly recomend a good fraternity if you think you can handle it. lata, rob h


Try acting like someone with character if you don't have any. If this is the case you may need an image.
Cake, do you recommend showering or no showering.


Only with Goats.

No Goats, No Shower.

Simple rules are the best ones.

"I think people should be free to engage in any sexual practices they choose; they should draw the line at goats though"

~ Elton John

  1. Try not to say a word to them for a full year. When they talk to you, raise your left arm, look at it, and act confused.
  2. Scream obscenities at people who leave empty pizza boxes in the hallway.
  3. Send mail (stamp included) to your roomates. Tell them you are vacationing in the Virgin Islands and you are having a great time. Make sure you are actually standing next to them when they open the letters.
  4. When strangers talk to you, write down their exact words in a little, black book. When they have finished hand them the paper.
  5. Try to sit in your professors seat before every class.
  6. Demand that you take your tests using crayon.
  7. Dance to a beat that only you can hear.
  8. Enter a basketball game on campus and try to eat the ball.

Hope I have helped. Good luck.


tell the 2 bitches that if you catch either of them peeing standing up its gonna be their ass....that should set your image up pretty nicely:-).


Wait until they fall asleep or pass out drunk after a party and then give them a handy. They'll appreciate it and it will make you very popular at school.


Shaf is not a good person. But he can be funny.


HAHAHA!!! wow i'd hate to be some of your roommates. How about...putting super glue on the toilet seats... posing in the mirrow while they are studying for an hour ... tell them i'm having a party (and invite some goats) ...see, i've got this whole roomate thing down pat :slight_smile:


(Response to handy)
Sorry, I love this pic.
US=GG, nice work :slight_smile: Bit different to the usual.