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College Protein Snacks


Hey guys

College has started for me again and my schedule is kind of crappy since I'm in class 3 hours per class so I have no way of getting a decent meal in a 5 hour period. So far I've been bringing 2 Grow! bars as snack in the breaks but I'm not sure if this is optimal for me.

Can anyone advise some good and easy protein snacks I can eat at college? They have to be portable and they shouldn't go bad being kept out of the fridge.

Any ideas?


I'd recommend beef jerky & almonds.



Nuts. Jerky. Grow! bars. It's not protein, but various fruits to mix it up and keep it interesting.


Beef jerky and a good combination of nuts, like almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. Oh, don't forget hard boiled eggs. Make a dozen on the weekend, peel a few the night before and take them with you in a tupperware container or in a ziplock bag.


Great snack actually. Also, you can fill a nalgene bottle with some Grow!, pack yourself sandwiches, bring a hunk of beef and a banana... anything that will keep for a few hours in your bag and don't need to heat up will work.


I usually bring a nalgene shaker with two scoops of Grow! and some flax seeds in it along with a zip lock bag of mixed nuts or an apple. I just pack my back pack with what I need and eat between classes. Use your imagination and mix it up. Another hint though, have some gum or breath mints handy. Some times you can get the stank breath after eating the above.


Bars are fine for a snack (unless you are eating 20 a week)

Don't get to obsessed with "optimal" when it comes to your diet unless you are in contest prep. It will lead to unnecessarily obsessive behavior. (trust me, I know)


"Gourmet Nutrition" is helpful to me...

I've got close to 10 shakes + quick meals that are very fast and taste good as well as adhering to my nutrition.

The best cookbook I have... Well the only one I have but I don't need anything else right now.

Peanut Butter Fudge Bar is a quick meal that tastes amazing.

Also the Apple cinnamon shake for Post workout meal is great too. I even had a chance to have some wheat germ in there which I never had before.

Pretty cool and it is a ebook so it fits in your laptop LOL so it is good college material.

fun times

-Get Lifted


but beef jerky is sooo expensive!!!


Protein + Flax is the best. Fill it up at a water fountain.
Other options - Almonds and Dried Fruits (regular fruit too!) If you want oatmeal blend it in a blender and throw it in your shaker bottles.


Well actually where I live (Holland) they don't even sell anything like beef jerky in the stores, strange huh?

I ordered those Wolverines a few months ago but they make me puke :-\