College Nutrition

Okay, I’m trying to gain weight, but not end up with a sloppy shit build…

But at college (university living on campus) all the food is basically shit for you… Sat fats ect… Besides breakfast where I eat 4-5 egg whites with toast and choc. milk.

But the rest of the day its shit.

Now I havnt lifted in about 2 fucking weeks because of packing / trying to adjust to college and my schedule, but I am lifting today in an hour or so to try and get back on track. Anyway, my whole body feels more soft, and I think I feel depressed from the shitty fucking food (proven study). But dunno, how to I cope with trying to bulk cleanly with this shit? Should I ask for nutrition facts or just deal with it?

Also I fucked up my knee pretty hardcore when I was training for a marathon a few months back. So Squats and deadlifts are out of the question as of late, as I can barely walk up stairs.

So what kind of workout shall I stick to? Or what would you guys recommend

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Prepare your meals before hand, if you don’t have enough discipline to do this, then you don’t have enough discipline to gain that good weight, without ending up with a sloppy shit build. Zip-lock baggies n seal able containers are your best friend. Good luck!