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College Nutrition, Round 2

I learned a lot from my first quarter in college: everything I learned in public school is wrong, the women are (insert favorite adjective here), and there is more beer than I can drink. Most of all, I learned that eating the food here SUCKS.

I tried to eat as best as I could, and as much as I could, to continue on my physique and lifting goals. I progressed somewhat well, and keeping my BF level down below what most of my roommates are (Side Note: the freshman fifteen is: 1. understated, and 2. only counting the first quarter).

Even though I bought a Foreman grill for my room, and lots of cans of tuna, I still managed to use up all of my meal dollars 4 weeks before the end of the quarter, leaving me to have to beg food off the nice girls who live downstairs and pity a starving boy like me.

I’m searching for ideas for food. Most bang for my buck foods. (I tried “THE BOMB” 1000 calorie burritos, but surviving a nuclear blast and being healthy apparently are not qualities meant to be in the same food). I plan on buying some Grow!, but that only covers some of my problem. I would like to go through the second quarter with at least some of my food troubles dealt with.

Help. Sex with a Roseanne Barr lookalike for food is a terrible experience.

-Frozen Chicken breasts from a discount club (Sam’s etc…) Find someone who has a membership and go buy a 6.5 pound (or a couple if you have frezzer space) bag of Boneless skinless chicken brests for 12 bucks

-9 lbs of oatmeal (same location as above… can be had for a little under $7)

-Dry roasted almonds (3lb jug is under $10)

IOW buy in bulk

-if your cafeteria is all you can eat make sure to take all you can eat… including for later

Im lucky with the meal plan at my school. In stead of meal dollars, we have “meals”. So each time you go to one of the cafe’s on campus you are charged a “meal”. Usually the meals are between $5-10. The cafe I use most often is an all you can eat buffet with a great salad bar, great meats, and some type of cooked vegie. Along with great regular food, the school also has AMAZING desserts which are hard to resist. I take a glance at them and think about the long workout I just put in and walk away.

If I were you I’d get some protein and mix them with some milk. That fills me up…AND buy a few tubs of peanut butter and a loaf wheat bread. Use a ton of the peanut butter on a couple slices and eat that. I’m positive that’ll keep you satisfied for a little while.

[quote]matticus wrote:
-9 lbs of oatmeal (same location as above… can be had for a little under $7)

-if your cafeteria is all you can eat make sure to take all you can eat… including for later


      • Matticus makes a good point about taking food for later. Get some type of container and take the foood.

I forgot to mention Oatmeal as well…my school only has one cafe open for breakfast and it’s on the other side of campus. Every morning I’ll eat one or two packets of oatmeal with a protein shake. For you, if you’re trying to eat as much as you can, you could probably have at least 3 packes. (approx. 90 carbs)

Are you near your ‘rents house? Do you have any friends’ houses in the area? Pull a JB “Sunday Ritual,” and go shop on the weekends then immediately pre-cook as much as you can at a location that’s convenient. I’d head home to my 'rents on the weekend exclusively for that purpose :slight_smile: