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College Nutrition Class

Okay, so I’m taking a “Nutrition and Human Health” class in my college. Yes, I’m too lazy to take any of the other sciences and this one fits my schedule better. Plus, I figure it’s good to hear at some point how the “rest of the world”, or the majority, thinks in relation to this topic.

Anyway, after getting into a few arguments with my teacher (which I tried to be as polite as possible about) we were talking about the needs of protein in average people and weight training individuals. Apparently the ADA claims that less than 25% of the total calories should come from protein even in athletes and weight trainers.

In one of the slides in the class presentation, it says 15-35%. I look to the bottom of the slide and see the name, Dr. Lonnie Lowrey. I laughed to myself and chalked it up as a victory for myself. T-Nation to the rescue!!!