College Lifting Programs

Anyone have any college football and/or wrestling training programs? If so, what do you think of them? I’m looking for some as my school’s lifting program is pretty pathetic, I get it from the University of Missouri- STL b-ball coach, it is pretty damn amateur so if anyone could help me out, I’d really appreciate it.

This link contains some of the college strength and conditioning websites out there. Some of the websites have sport specific programs listed.

I’ve ran through that site and have not been able to find programs on like 10 of the websites listed, maybe this is just extremely bad luck, I’ll keep looking. I also emailed some of the coaches and asked them if they could help me.

LOL, I work out in the same gym as the football team here at my college, and their in-season workout looked like this:

Day 1
3x8 Squat (80%)
3x8 Military press (80%)
3x8 Bench press (80%)
3x8 Barbell curl (80%)
3x8 Power clean (80%)
3x8 Calf raise (80%)
3x8 Skullcrushers (80%)

Day 2
3x8 Deadlift (80%)
3x8 Front squat (80%)
3x8 Pull-up (80%)
3x8 Sit-ups (80%)
3x8 Leg Extensions (80%)
3x8 Push press (80%)
3x8 Barbell row (80%)
3x8 Leg press (80%)

The question is…80% of what?!

80 percent of max i imagine.

Get back to me on that after you try the program! If you can do all those lifts 3x8 with 80%, you deserve my respect.

Done and done player, Ima do day 1 minus the leg shit rite now on my playskool weight set. See how it goes.

Wait a minute, I wasn’t advocating that you do it. Or are you kidding? Playskool weight set? I was giving that as an example of a crappy collegiate athletic program…

If you want something good, check this out. Jeremy Frisch posted it.

That’s 2 days of lifting. You could add in a repeated effort upper body day with assistance work, a max effort with assistance work, dynamic effort with assistance work…or just hit some 3x3, 3x5, or 3x8 for upper body 1-2 other days. If you really wanna push hard, just work out twice per week and throw the upper body in the same day, and practice/condition on other days.

The upper body days might look like this.

Max effort:
Work up to a heavy triple on close-grip BB BP
3x15 Skullcrushers
3x12 Machine rows
3x15 Bent-over lateral raises
3x8 Lateral raises

Repeated effort:
Perform 2-4 sets of dips or pushups with bodyweight getting pretty close to failure.
2x12 Wide-grip pull-downs or pull-ups
3x10 Your choice trap exercise (low trap raises, shrugs, jump shrugs, etc)
4x10 External rotation
3x15 Curl variation

Yes, this is pretty much a WS4SB ripoff. It works. A bit lighter than WS4SB’s upper body though, with a nod to the heavy leg work I posted above.

The other option would be to do 3x3 row and bench with legs one day, 3x5 dip and chin (or overhead press and pull-up, whatever) with legs the other day. Throw in neck, ab, or grip work if needed wherever you like. I’m talking standing crunches, medicine ball work, plank, etc. Neck you can use a machine or isometrics or even a neck harness. Grip work there are a billion ways. Good luck.

Man, I thought you were for real about that one you posted. I tried it out on my weights at home (i call it a playskool weight set cuz i bought it from walamrt for liek 100 bux) but ya, that shit isn’t really practical.

The program I have been doing is this.
Monday: Chest & Back:

Bench Press: 3 sets 4-8 reps, 60-80% of max. 2 of the previous sets should combined pre-exhaustion and Break Down. (As specified above).

Incline Bench Press: 3 sets incline bench press, 4-12 reps, 50-100% of max.

Lat Pull downs. 3 sets of 4-12 reps, 50-80% of max. 2 sets break downs.

Cable Rows: 3 sets of 4-12 reps, 50-80% of max. 2 sets of break downs, from 90% to 60% of max. 1 set double break downs (Fail, drop 60%, fail drop 60%).

Wednesday: Shoulders & legs.

Hack Squats: 3 sets of 15-6 reps, 50-80% of max. 1 set of 30+ with warm-up weight.

Leg Curls: 3 sets of 12-8 reps, 50-80% of max.

Leg extensions: 3 sets of 12-8 reps, 50-80% of max.

Military Press: 5 sets of 12-8 reps, 50-80% of max. 3 sets pre-exhaustion using lateral dumbbell raises first.

Shoulder Shrugs : 2 sets 50-90% of max. 2 sets double-break-downs.

Calf Raises : 3 sets 20-10 reps, 50-90% of max break downs on all sets.

Friday: Arms

Preacher Bench curls : 3 sets 15-8 reps 80-50% of max.

Straight bar curls: 3 sets all break downs.

Concentration curls: 2 sets of double-break-downs.

Lying French presses: (Skullcrushers) 1 set normal 8-15 reps. 50-70% of max. 2 sets of break downs.

Triceps pushdowns: 2 sets normal 15-6 reps 50-80% of max.

Triceps kickbacks: 3 sets 10-12 reps WITH GOOD FORM.

I think I’m just going to rebuild my workout out from the moment up. Programs are good and all, but just starting from Day 1 and keeping track is better than any program, I can always add more.

Max effort:
Work up to a heavy triple on close-grip BB BP
3x15 Skullcrushers
3x12 Machine rows
3x15 Bent-over lateral raises
3x8 Lateral raises

Explain to me what BB BP is, I’m new to these forums, also what is this= WS4SB??

barbell bench press. That’s all. WS4SB3 is westside for skinny bastards 3

Also, go heavy on the cg bb bp, you CAN go to failure if you have a spotter but not intentionally…then go fairly light (not to failure) on the others.

I used to work as a student strength and conditioning coach at my D1 school under a great S&C coach. I’ll give you a sample of what we did (I don’t have the % maxes we use but here is the exercises:

4 days per week upper/lower

Upper 1

Pull Circuit
Lat Pulls/ Underhand Pull-downs
Seated Row (Bent over Rows)
Bicep Curls

Push Circuit

Diamond/Regular Pushups with plate on back
Pikes, Russian Twists

Lower 1
Power Clean
Box Squats with Bands (6x3 with 70%)
Ab work

Upper 2 would just be variations of day 1

Lower 2
Box Cleans
Back Squats
Glut ham raises
step ups
ab work