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College Lacrosse & Training


Well now im playing lacrosse and currently we are lifting twice a week doing the usual, bench, squat as well as dead lifts and been doing cheatear curls.

My only question is could anyone direct me to a workout program probaley on this site that I could start to follow? I am starting to seriously get into lifting as well as my nutrition which I know need ssome work..

Ill keep checking as I only been on this site for less than a week..




Looked at the T-Dawg diet version 2 and it looks like a good diet for me..the only thing is how apart in time should I eat?

Also steak may get expensive after a while or is it not that bad? how much do you usually eat of it? Anything else I could substitue as I dont make much money to spend a lot on food. I also have a meal plan at school with salads, subway and other things


If you're in-season right now, depending on how often you practice, 2 fullbody workouts per weeks should be enough.

This is what I do (I play box, so I'm in my off-season right now) when I'm in the middle of my season.

1) Lowerbody (Front Squat, Box Squat, or Deadlift)
2) Push (Bench Press, Floor press, Neutralgrip DB SOHP)
3) Pull (Bent over Rows, Inverted rows, Pullups)

I pick an exercise for each of those categories, and perform sets of 4 (with a comfortable weight). Sets are normally 3-5. I stick to the same weight/exercise until I can do a set of 8, then I switch up exercises. I can only do this 0-2 times a week and I'm still able to improve.

I can't really help you with diet. Just read some of the articles on this site and learn some good eating habits.