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College Kid Trying to Get Jacked

Starting this in order to better track workouts. Been going at it for about 2 years now and have made some good progress that I’m proud of. However, my schedule is busier now and I have noticed a slight lapse in motivation, especially in the nutrition department. While I haven’t slacked off yet, I feel as though that may be coming so I’m trying this to get some motivation back. Gonna hit a pull workout after work, will post that after it is completed.

Current Stats:
Weight:185 lbs.
Bench:255 lbs.
Squat:365 lbs.
Deadlift(sumo):380 lbs.

Rarely do one rep maxes, so I don’t have any goals of increasing these at the moment, just posting them incase that changes in the future. Right now just want to get stronger in whatever rep range I’m working in.

One more thing, I try my best to train BJJ 3 times a week and Muay Thai 2 times a week. I’m apart of a work-study program so I currently work from 7-4 and don’t have to worry about homework, so I’m able to fit it in. I have been trying to fill my time more to be busier, but I have found it difficult to balance work, lifting goals, martial arts, dating, social life, recovery, and my own well being since I also really enjoy to chill and sleep as well lol. If anyone has any advice on how to better manage my time and energy, I’m all ears.

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Pull Day

DB Rows: 2x8@90, 2x10@75
Pull-ups: 1x8@BW, 2x8@20
High-row Machine: 3x10@90
Cable Rows: 3x10@135
Face-pulls: 3x15@50
Smith Machine Shrugs: 3x12@185
Cable Curls: 3x10@50

Fire Alarm went off at 4am yesterday and was up later than normal anyways, so didn’t get much sleep last night but this workout was better than I expected. Gonna catch up on sleep tonight and hit legs hard in the morning before drinking beer and watching football

If you’re serious about time management skills/productivity, Cal Newport’s Deep Work is a great starting point. Another of his books is called How to Win at College, but I haven’t read that one.

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Leg Day

Back squat: 1x8@275, 1x8@295, 1x5@315, 1x4@315(nearly failed 4th rep), 3x10@225
RDLs: 3x12@135, 2x8@185
Goblet Squat: 3x12@70(heels elevated)
Leg Press: 3x20@320
Lying Hamstring Curls: 3x12@95
Seated Calves: 3x15@70
Hanging Leg Raises: 3x10

Chest and Shoulders

Bench Press: 1x5@225, 2x4@225, 1x2@235
Overhead Press: 4x6@135
Lateral Raises: 3x20@25
DB Incline: 4x8@75
Rear Delt Flies: 3x15@20
Cable Flies: 3x15
BW: 187.5

Kinda bad workout honestly, woke up late so I didn’t get to do any tricep work, also I was weaker on bench press than I was last week. Gonna hit triceps when I do back tomorrow. May train BJJ tonight, not sure yet tho.

Back and Arms

Barbell Rows: 1x10@135, 3x8185
Pull-ups: 1x8@BW, 1x5@+45, 2x8@+20
EZ Bar Curls: 3x12@60
Straight Arm Lat Pushdowns: 3x20@60
Tricep Pushdowns: 3x12@90
Chest Supported Rows:4x8@90
Seated DB Curls: 3x10@30
DB Overhead Tricep Extension: 3x12@60

Good workout, no BJJ yesterday but I ran 4 miles. Going home tonight from college so will be workout out in my garage gym for the next few days. Probably will run some more this week as well for cardio.

Leg Day

Back Squat: 5x3@315 (2 on last set)
DB RDLs: 1x12@80s, 1x12@85s, 1x12@90s
Goblet Squats: 3x12@75
DB split squat: 3x8@45
Seated Leg Curls:3x15@pin8
Leg extensions: 3x15@pin12
Hanging Leg Raises: 3x10@BW
Cable Crunches: 1x10@pin10, 2x10@pin15

Ran 3 miles after my workout. Decent day, kinda disappointed in squats tho expected myself to be stronger.

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Bench Press:
4x5@225 (4 on last set)
4x10@185 (7 on last 2 sets, hit a wall)

Incline Bench:
4x3@185 (weak sauce)

Shoulder Press:
4x10@95(8 on last 2 sets)
3x6@115(hit a huge wall, 5 on last 2)
4x3@135(kinda weak but toasted at this point)

Chest Flies 3x25@30
Lateral Raise 3x25@25
Rear Delt Flies 3x25@10
Tricep Pushdowns 3x25@30
Tricep Extensions 3x25@30

BW: 186.2
Good workout at the home gym with limited equipment. Pushed till failure a lot here.

Back and Biceps

Barbell Row:


Hammer Curls 3x10@25s
45lb plate curls 3x10@45
Plate Shrugs 6x10@45

BW: 188.8

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You have a lot going on here, man. What are some specific goals you have?

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Working out wise I just wanna look my best. I am fascinated my martial arts and just wanna be proficient in my ability to defend myself.

I apologize for not posting in a week. I went home for thanksgiving and honestly just forgot. I actually hopped on a program.

On a 4 day per week full body routine

Bench Press 3x10,7,7@200
Leg Press 3x12@490
Standing Cable Rows 3x12@130
3 down curls: 3x15,11,9@25
Single arm Tricep Pushdowns 3x15@35
Hanging knee raises 3x15@BW

Back Squat 3x10,7,7@290
Arnold Press 3x12@55
Pull ups 3x13@BW
Lateral Raises 3x15@35 with drop sets
Rear Delt flies 3x15@35
Farmers walk 3x30steps@105

Gonna be doing some BJJ in the evening too.

No worries, man. Good luck.

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No lifting today. BJJ and some sparring in the afternoon after work though.

Unfortunately didn’t get off work till 5 which is when class starts so I took the day completely off. Gonna lift in the morning before work tomorrow and hopefully train BJJ after work if I get off in time. I’m actually not allowed to talk specifically about our projects in the lab but we’re working on something that has been an absolute train wreck so far and made work really hectic and unpredictable. I only have two weeks left in my co op tho so I’m trying to enjoy it.

Wednesday December 9, 2020

Morning Workout:
-Barbell RDLs 3x15@190lbs
-DB Incline Bench 3x10,9,8@85lb DBs
-Vertical Row Machine 3x12@215lbs
-Rope Curls 3x1590lbs(some Back used at the end)
-Skull Crushers(EZ) 3x15@80lbs
-Straight Leg Calf Raise 3x20@165lbs

Forgot to weight myself today but good workout today. My back seems to be growing/getting stronger pretty easily but my chest has been more of a struggle. On a side note, I quit caffeine 2 weeks ago because I realized I was addicted (energy drink to wake up, another at lunch, every day) I am curious if anyone else who works out regularly or expends a lot of energy has any experience with this. First three days were hell, had a headache all day and could barely drag my ass to the gym to workout. However, I fee normal now. I lot of people online and on YouTube and stuff say that they actually start to feel more energized because they sleep better. I wouldn’t say I feel more energized, but I would say that I’m at a point now where I feel the same with no stimulants as I did with 600mg caffeine a day, which proves to me how un-needed all of it was. Only down side is it’s harder to being my workouts. The first exercise even after I warm up I’m yawning and feeling tired(I workout at 530AM btw) but after that I feel the same as I did on pre workout. I don’t think that coffee is bad for you in any way but if your consuming monster or bang energy drinks on a daily basis I think that it’s easy to develop a dependency on these. Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this.

Current: between 185-190lbs

Wednesday December 10, 2020

Morning Workout:
-Military Press 3x12@115lbs
-DB Lunge 3x12,8,8@85lbs DBs
-Seated Cable Row 3x12@160lbs
-1 Arm Cable Delt Raise 3x15@30lbs
-Face Pull 3x12@120lbs
-DB Shrugs 3x12@100lbs DBs
-Decline Sit Ups 3x20@BW

I think I went too heavy on face pulls and lunges because I felt my form wasn’t good. Should have videoed them to be sure but besides that I felt really strong. It seems literally every back exercise I’m able to add 5lbs every week but everything else I just have to add 0-1 reps per week to get stronger. Not complaining tho, I really wanna develop a juicy back.

Do you roll Gi or noGi? Back into BJJ training and I find I don’t really care for the Gi. Nothing against it, it’s just sport Jiu-jitsu and I have no competitive aspirations.