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College is Amazing


Seriously, I'm never coming home. First night on campus and liquor pours almost endlessly, drunk chicks hit on me, I get to watch some guy projectile vomit down the hallway into an elevator, I play my first hardcore game of flip a cup, I see 110 pound girls drink like sailors with no sweat, people trying to piss in vases etc.

I get in at 3, get up at 6, head to class, do my work during the day, and go right back at it. Also, thanks to you guys, getting wasted and taking my shirt off gets me winks from the sorority girls, rather than getting pointed and laughed at. At this point, I dont' understand how anyone could NOT want to go to college.


College is amazing. It's the classes that get in the way.


College is pretty awesome. Especially the bitches. The endless supply of bitches.


That is exactly what I used to say.


A little less awesome if you commute, have a job, and there's this "person" at your house that flips her shit because you didn't preemptively unclog the toilet that consequently ruined her life.

But yeah, bitches everywhere.


where do you go to school out of curiosity?


x2 I think I need another degree...



Read everything on this site and become the bro king you are destined to be.

I envy you even though I had my 6 years of insanity and no I didnt get a fucking masters, wiseass.



I am totally going back.


College is so full of win. Last year I visited a school about an hour away from where I go, and I was involved in a riot, which is something I never thought I would do, it was epic. check out JMU springfest on google, it was legit.


Enjoy it man. never again will you be able to get wasted at 3, wake up at 6, and not be shaking and dying by noon. haha


I miss it soooooo much. I had one of the biggest party houses. And we all know the people who throw the parties get the top echelon of sweet tang.




I graduated college @ 21. I think I OWE it to myself to go back hahaha LOL


Wow - that site is like, super-concentrated fucking retard!!

Lol at assholes who call themselves "Bros".

God help us. ; )


This thread is chock-full of people I don't like.


You take back every word, right. now.


Lol...dude, I hated assholes like that even when I WAS an asshole like that. Ha ha ha...

Frat-boy douchebags and "brofist pounds" were never really my thing. : )


Brohater detected


You're free to GTFO now.