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College Help!


Hey Guys,

I'll be going off to college soon and I am wondering if some people can recommend things I will definitely need, and things that would be nice to have. Ill be staying in a dorm.

Also, any tips on the first year of college would be fantastic!

Thanks alot


Don't take too much stuff. Take the basics - TV, mini fridge, clothes, hygiene stuff, and fill in the rest as you need it.

Get in touch with your roommate and figure out if he is bringing a tv or fridge.

The first few days, leave your door open whenever you are in your room, you'll meet a lot of people that way. Also, wander around, and talk to other people that have their doors open.

Try to get along with your roommate, it's going to be a long year/semester if you're not talking to him.




Two words: Duct tape.


Bring only the necessities for a dorm.

Keep a shower basket to organize all your stuff.

Keep a laundry basket in your closet.

Bring at least one change of sheets. Dorm washers usually suck ass and the dryer takes forever. Switching out the sheets and saving a wash for visits to mom are best.

Look in to those cheap little plastic storage units at target or wal mart that fit under your bed and buy desk organizers. You'll be in a tiny space with another guy and organization will be the key to sanity.

Don't forget you are a student and go to class, study etc. Party when you have time, there will always be one.

Join organizations involved in activities you enjoy. It is an easy way to meet people and have fun. For me it was a mt. biking club and a fraternity.

Other than that, just go with the flow. College is fun, new and pretty crazy when you look back on it.


Keeping the door open in your dorm introduces you to a lot of people. Walk around and be sociable your first few weeks. Even if you're not normally an outgoing guy, this is a great opportunity to meet people when everyone is trying to meet people. Be friendly with everyone, even if they are a dick; especially your new roommate! Learn to suck it up and deal with a lot of shit from your roommate, especially if you didn't choose him/her.

Make sure you hang out with your roommate in the first few weeks and make friends if at all possible. ummmmmmm, enjoy the parties. Oh, and drinking until you puke is not cool, despite what the other guys on the floor think.


Hey Guys,

Thanks for the advice!

My roommate is actually a friend of mine from middle school. Actually alot of my old middle school friends are going to the same college. People I haven't seen in 4-5 years.

I am an outgoing person, so I'm not worried about meeting new people.

I wonder,with the meal plans and etc, I will still be able to continue my lifting in college, and put on the LBS. I know at home its kind of hard for me to always eat but at college I plan on taking advantage of the buffet style canteen and gym.