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College Football


Starts soon. Who is your team? What games excite you? Who will be the national champ?

My team is the TCU Horned Frogs. We open the season at Virginia. A few weeks later we play Clemson in Death Valley. Other games of interest include Utah, BYU, and the Air Force Academy. I wish the season started now. I plan to watch Boise and Oregon.


UGA is my team. Therefore I am pissed that UF looks like the best team in the nation.



Man I love this time of year that's almost here. Michigan is my team, but I also like watching the Pac-10 games out here in Cali (USC and Oregon State are favs). And the SEC games. Hell, who am I kidding. I'll watch any game that's on tv on Saturday.

I only need to watch the Chargers on Sunday, Saturday is my football day though. Hell yes I'm ready.

Even though Rich-Rod seems to be burrowing UofM into the ground there's that preseason hope that they'll beat Notre Dame, Michigan State, hell maybe even Wisconsin. Not asking for much more than that.




I am a die hard Tennessee fan, hopefully Lane Kiffin can turn the ship around from last year. Our QB's are so bad I dont see us winning that much though, 8-4 at best.


Hokies Respect!

Anyways, Alabama is a hell of a season opener for us lowly ACC champs.

Also, the Chargers will win the Super Bowl this year. Sproles and LT will run for a combined 20,000 yards. Gates will have 1000 receptions, half for TDs, the other half with 20+yards after catch.

Also, we would have beat Pittsburgh, if the damn game was at Qualcomm.


I'm an Oklahoma alum. We're going to be in the boonies for the season opener v. BYU, so I'm forcing my family to drive to civilization to watch the game.


USC all the way. This week we play San Jose State which is no biggie, but next weeks is against Ohio State, this one should be interesting.


Me and the wife are making the trip to Columbus. We will DEFINITELY be behind enemy lines, but how often does a Pac-10 team play at OSU? That will be a test for the new QB for sure!


Hells yeah. I can't wait to see the D this season. Hopefully the O can hold up their end of the bargain, but the D is where we'll make the most improvement. Planning on going to at least two games. Elk Creek, here I come!


My Terps have a tough one to start the season, heading out west to face Cal who got upset by the Terps last year. I hope they don't take a dump on the field.


Florida Gators baby.

And yes, I grew up a Gators fan. Danny Wuerffel and the OBC FTW.


So you are not going to take out a second mortgage on the house to go see this game at Jerry World?

I should be for BYU, but frankly I hate them, and always appreciated that OU still plays TCU in several sports, plus my cousin goes there.


ILLINI.....This will be a huge year for Illinois.

I am also a Southern Illinois Saluki fan, (having spent my formative college years there.)


USC and UM(miami) fan, my best friend also plays for the Buckeyes. So I'll be at USC/OSU game.


Even though I'm a SJ State alum. Spartans are terrible!

X2, USC all the way!


Longhorns FTW


I'll be the drunk dude with tons of 'SC stuff on. If you see me getting beat down by the home fans, feel free to lend a hand!


guess lol


Your avatar is unsettling dude.