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College Football


I see a few NFL threads but how about one for the college game? Me I'm a 1 AA guy. It might have to be the fact I'm an Appalachian State alum, yes the little team that did, against the big guys. But in the ranks of 1 AA we are the evil empire.

I'm looking forward to ASU vs. LSU to open the season, and hopefully a run to a 4th national championship.

So who is your team and what game are you looking forward to?


I expect the game between my USC Trojans and Ohio State Buckeyes to be one of the best this season. With all the controversy from last season, we will see how the West Coast vs. East Coast match up is.

I am glad we play the Buckeyes at home on Sept 13. Like Keith Jackson would say, "this is gonna be one big slobber-knocker."


Florida, baby.


Utah vs. Michigan is a game I am looking forward to because it could potentially be the start of another BCS busting season.


FSU grad, so I gotta support the 'Noles.

Also root for Syracuse (hometown) even though they are pretty terrible these days.


Hook 'em Horns!


I agree. This is easily the most anticipated inter-conference regular season game this year, but I think you need to brush up on your geography.

P.S. Let's go Pitt!


Nebraska Fan here, we'll see what Bo Pelini can do! Go Huskers!


University of North Texas baby!

You know how we do!


ASU will get destroyed by LSU

I am a huge USC fan and cant wait till we play Ohio State. I hope with Sanchez being hurt it does not mess up the opening of the season

Fuck Pitt...you are hot garbage

Florida will not win the SEC

JoePa will take out Bowdens record this year

I am feelign to much hype on Missouri, Clemson, and BYU


msd, a guy that I graduated from high school with plays for North Texas. Bron Hager, I think he's a linebacker... random.


Joepa is the man. At his age to be running a program like he is. He even takes abuse during a game where his leg is broken, yet took it like a man. Take a look...


SEC fan here!

Even though the Georgia Team seems to be turning into "The Bengals; 2008 Edition"...the Florida/Georgia game is working out to be a slug-fest FULL of animosity...

(the Georgia Team "End Zone" celebration last year is STILL rubbing Urban Myer the wrong way...)

The problem will be if the guys go into the game with too much emotion. However, these are two smart Coaches. They will have their guys prepared.


Every year many fans (myself included!) wait for Football to come out of the shadow of Basketball. The problem seems to be that many of the best players in North Carolina seem to go to schools out of State...or to East Carolina! (The Lion puts his flame suit on!)

(ECU should have been in the ACC a LONG time ago; but that's another thread!)

Many are still waiting for that "watershed" year for ACC Football. Adding BC and FSU was a start. And the Wake Forest Program gaining national recognition was real cool...

But as a Conference, Football has a ways to go.



Yep, Old Bill Dooley and the ACC were scared of Pat Dye was doing, and they all were scared of Clarence Stasavich in his day.

Oh damn...I'm really aging myself now!!


Woo Pig Sooie and Bobby Petrino!!!!!! Just not this year!


TCU Horned Frogs here. Lots of people returning. Had a rough season but finished strong and won our bowl. The QB Andy Dalton is now a soph, TB Aaron Brown is healthy, look out Mountain West Conference. Also have OOC against Stanford and OU in Norman. We've won the last 2 times in Norman.



Ouch, bet that hurts to see the back to back Big XII Champ a little to the left.


Yes sir! The expectations are much lower than usual this year, which makes each game more interesting, in my opinion. I'm hoping all the new talent develops quickly and we put together a 10-3 season (that includes winning a big non-BCS bowl).

I'm going to miss Charles and Sweed (though Sweed didn't play much last year with the injury).



For the Michigan/West Virginia fans!

This is another "big" story that I can't wait to see unfold; how Rich Rodriguez does at Michigan with all the West Virginia stuff "sorta' " behind him.

I think that the resources available at Michigan coupled with a driven Coach is a recipe for success...


What do you guys think?

How will Rich do?

Will the Wolverines once again be "back on Top"?


(P.S. Sorry for the West Virginia pic of Rich!)


The "big story" in the Big 12 is without question Nebraska.

The "Fall from Grace" was painful to watch.

The school is too strong, with strong fan and Alumni support for the drought to continue.

But once again, its a program with a long way to go. Kids and parents have to be convinced that its still a place that they can go and win.

And that takes time...and winning.