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College Football Workout


anyone on this site play college football? how is your lifting program set up.

i play football for my higshchool im a sophmore. im about 5'6 170 pounds and i play fullback/linebacker ive been looking for programs and i cant really find any programs that are spciffically made for football. i was wondering if anyone one who plays on a college team could give me a look at the program they follow, how the sets and reps are set up what exericeses you do how mny days, upper body lower body split or what ever you guys do and how it works for you
also maybe how you trained in highschool and if that worked good



you should try Joe Defranco's WS4SB.

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Yea Joe's stuff is good.


First off, WS4SB isn't an inseason workout. If you are worn out already from practices and try to do max effort days, you can risk injury. In season work should be light and not take very long at the most about an hour. You should be trying to maintain during the season. With this in mind think about doing sets of 6-10 reps on most lifts, with the exception being the olympic lifts. OL's can be done heavier with fewer reps. Once the season is over WS4SB would be a great choice of a workout.

My workout when I was in college looked kinda like this.

OH Squat 3x8 (for warmup)
Squat 3x8
bench 3x8
hang clean 3x4
Pullups 3x8
Good mornings 3x8

This is just what the inseason workout looked like though, because I was trying to maintain my strength. After the season is over you should get on a workout that will build more muscle.


oh yeah, one more thing, I only lifted 3 times a week inseason. Anymore than that and you'll start feeling fried and risk injury.


Do a search on the forums or on DeFranco's site under the Q&A's.

I've posted his twice-a-week inseason training program for football players numerous times.


Exactly right, Nate Dogg. Great reply... Please take his advice.