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College football thoughts and predictions

With the college football season just a month away, I believe it is time for some football discussion. Most pre-season polls I have seen have My Sooners, Miami, and Ohio State in the top three and not necessarily in that order. Kansas State and Auburn are usually ranked in the next couple of slots.

I'm going to give what insight I have on the top three with some predictions on the upcoming season.

My Sooners: OU is predited to have one of the top offensive lines and top defenses in the nation. Both are vital to winning championships. Some questions still remain at quarterback and replacing Quentin Griffin will be tough.

Predictions: If OU is as good as they are predicted to be they should win conference and the national title. They will, however, need someone on both sides of the ball to stand up and be a leader on the field. This is something they didn't have last year and it showed in both of their losses.

Miami: Those bastards will have a great defense once again. They will also have a good offense as well. It will be interesting to see how Brock Berlin can do in the replacement of Ken Dorsey. Dorsey was the backbone of the offense and a leader for the team in general.

Predictions: Miami has a bitch of a non-conference schedule. It will be tough to beat Florida State, Tennessee, and Florida, especially with Florida and Tennessee improving from last year. With this being said, I see Miami losing probably one game going into the BCS. It would not surprise me at all if they played OU at the Sugar Bowl for the title. OU and Miami have teased a match-up since 2000.

Ohio State: They lost several key defensive players, but also return many from last year. The offense also returns most of their starters from last year. Krenzel, at least offensively was the most important person to return. His leadership and guts got the Buckeyes out of many a jam last year.

Predictions: This is tough because of the way Ohio State played last year. There were a handfull of games that they won off of a great defensive play, a questionable call from the refs, or a miracle catch. With the loss of several key defensive players I see Ohio State stumbling at least once during the year, maybe even twice. I just see some of the breaks the got last year not going their way this year. At least, the odds are that they won't catch every break as they did last year. Plus, the Buckeyes have to make a trip to the Big House this year.

Again, this is just one college football fans opinion. I think with OU's defense improving they will be able to carry the Sooners in some close games, like the Ohio St. defense did last year. Feel free to talk smack and/or give your own opinions. Maybe this thread will bring out Mufasa and JC#10 from hiding.

Dustin (Boomer f'n Sooner)


Keentucky, baby!! We’re goin’ big time!!!

Okay, I know we suck. I just wanted to pretend I could get excited about football at my school for a minute…

OSU’s defense could quite possibly be better this year than it was last year. We have 3 potential all-american candidates on the D-line and a GREAT young linebacking corps. Despite the departure of Doss, our secondary will be far better than it was last year. Fox and Gamble return with more experience at their respective positions and Will Allen will fill in beautifully for Doss.

Im not worried about our D…

Im more worried about the complete distraction that Clarett has become and im worried about a very difficult road schedule (penn st, wisconsin and michigan on the road). Plus, everyone will be gunning for us this year. Nevrhteless, i think we definitly have a strong chance to repeat…Oklahoma and Miami should both be there at the end as well.

If Clarrett stays healthy, be careful of OSU.


I don’t know how good of a year we will have this year, but hopefully we will improve over last year (8-4). We have a tough schedule against Miami, Tennessee, and FSU, among others.

We’ll see how it goes. If this doesn’t turn out to be a great year, look for the Gators to regain Top 10 status next year.

Ron Zook is a fool and Florida will no longer be a top team. Book it, Nate.

You may want to include LSU on your list of tough opponents this year as well, since we beat the dog out of you in your own stadium last year. :slight_smile:

For all you Gator haters out there, I just won the national championship with this year’s team on NCAA 2004, Xbox stylie. Miami was a close game, and Arkansas was a nail biter (I got an int on the goalline, and then a FG in OT).

BTW, Leak WILL be a badass. Many on the inside think he will be the starter come Tennessee. Fear him.

I just want to point out, from the get go, that I am a rabid Notre Dame fan.

With Julius Jones back, running the T-bone with Grant, and Halliday comfortable in the West-Coast offense, I think we’ll have another good season. Not a national championship, not yet, but good.

Big gaps? Offensive line, definately. Losing Jeff Fagen really hurt.

But, in Ty we trust.

Hey DocT, tell me how your foot tastes on October 12.

pearljam- good to see a fellow buckeye on the boards…even though your taste in music is horrid:-).

rumbach- notre dame will be lucky if they go .500 this year. they were overrated last year and they lost a bunch of graduating players. add that to the fact that they have THE hardest schedule in all of college football, be prepared to be dissapointed.

Jodgey, good luck with your punter playing quarterback.

Zook’s gonna run your program into the ground. He was here in New Orleans before he went over there.

Spurrier’s gone. Get over it.


With the recruiting class the Tigers(LSU for others) had this year, we should be a force to be reckoned with in a year or two. I still think we will whup up of Florida this year.

I meant whup up on Florida. Gotta love those typos.

Arizona State will surprise a lot of people. If only they had a defense, especially a secondary. Losing Suggs didn’t help. I’m eager to see how they’re receivers play.

3xKrazy - We’ll see, I predict an 8-4 season.

All LSU fans - My neighbor growing up, childhood playmate, and friend in highschool quaterbacks for LSU - Matt Mauck - any opinions on him?

I was his (sometimes) center in high school football, he is a fantastic guy, smart, funny, and laid back. His sister and I were close. Good to see some good guys in college sports now and again.

Rumbach, that’s very interesting.

The general thoughts on him are that he’s a hard worker, smart, and a good leader and good guy in general. Our whole season turned around after he was hurt last year.

We’re expecting good things from him this year. He’s thought of well in the LSU community.


We’ll see what you can bring this season.

Don’t knock Zook. He’s not a bad coach. And the reason the Gators weren’t great when Spurrier left is because Spurrier did a shit job of recruiting for the last two years! Zook will have the program back up in due time.

The Gators have a very young group this year, but they will gain good experience and become a force to be reckoned with once again.

Besides, you’re just pissed because the Gators have dominated LSU for a good decade or so. HA!

Pansy Tigers!


In YOUR house. Beotch.

DocT - I think LSU has a very good shot at going 10-2. In the high school leagues, that is. They should be able to handle many mid-tier high school football programs in the state. Good luck!