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College Football Player, Need a Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Hey guys! I’m sitting about 295 right now, and I need to drop 20-30 pounds since I just got my position switched and I need to be faster and have better footwork. I’m relatively new to diet plans, and I’m looking for some help to set one up. I’m benching 325, squat 450, dead 500. Im 6’4, around 22% body fat if I had to guess. I can see a line where my abs are hiding, but I still have somewhat love handles. Thanks!

Also I heard some good things about intermittent fasting🤔 I want to lose the fat, but no muscle whatsoever ideally

Eat less until you’re losing weight slowly on the scales because going real fast will make you feel shit and you’ll lose more muscle that way

Eat enough protein like 1g-1.5g per lb bodyweight so your body has the nutrients to maintain muscle with.

Keep training hard because that gives your body a need to hold onto muscle. Don’t go to crazy because your body has a less recovery when you are dieting down

Doesn’t your team have a training staff?

Would not recommend intermittent fasting for an athlete.

Try this, do super strict on non training days and alternate between ‘normal’ and occasionally high carb depending on toughness of workout…

I’m gonna have to try this! Thanks