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College Football is My Goal


This is more of a reality check for me i have a goal of playing college football is it within my reach my stats as follows

age 17
height 6-2
weight 228

bench 330x1 225x18
squat 400x1
clean 245x1
40 5.00 sec
3 cone 7.5 sec
shuttle 4.63 sec


What position do you play, because your 40 time is not very good for 6'2", 230.


You don't seem very explosive. For your age you have the strength, but lack the speed.

Have you ever done explosive work? Such as plyometric drills, agility drills, footwork stuff, etc. What you need is a good coach. If you can't find one, you need to do some homework. Ask more questions, read this site (search function). We can help.

As of now you're not D1 material. Unfortunatly speed and quickness is a required asset at the highest level. You either have it, or you don't have it, or you don't have it and you work at obtaining it.

I'm impressed with your strength, but I'm not impressed with your sentence structure. Use periods and question marks. College football's great, but the education is better. Sorry to nit pick.


Try working with oly style squats and more explosive work. You need to work on your aagility as well.

Your bench is good but your squat seems a little low, try to get that up.

I agree if you had a good coach you could get there.


Strength wise, you seem to have a lot of potential. Although it seems weird to me that you can bench 225 for 18, but only max out at 330.
Your squat, and cleans need work.
Like it was said before, try doing your homework, and looking around for strength and power based workouts.
I'm curious, are you looking to impress recruiters,(going for full ride?) or do you just plan on going DI once you hit college?


No You suck, you're worth just as much as a piece of shit! :slight_smile:

But Really no one can tell from just your stats. If good lifts meant success, all these powerlifters would be dominating the NFL.


what position do you play now?


I think playing college football would be more about actually playing football then it would be the weight-room. Strength is only one of many factors that come into play on the field. Getting stronger in the weight room will generally help you improve your football, which is the ultimate goal.

Don't look past football and only into the weightroom, and keep in mind that this site is only about strength & conditioning, which is a part of the whole package. Colleges watch you on the field of play, not the weightroom.


You have good size and strength but need to work on your speed. I know a guy who is roughly you size who plays at Georgia but he is quite a bit faster than you. Try to get you 40 time down to about 4.6 and work on you explosiveness.


I'm guessing LB from his 40 time and weight, assuming he plays HS football now, although his speed lacks severely. I am taking a wild guess that the 40 was inaccurately timed.


Looks like you're a little on the slow side, but it's nothing that you wouldn't be able to compensate with technique, conditioning, intelligence, and most importantly heart. Regardless of what the "super elites" on here may say, you're not too small, weak, or slow to play college ball.


Whoa, slow down cowboy, no body was making any assumptions here, we're still trying to get the goods out of him...


Wait? They don't search in the wieght rooms?! DAMMIT!!! thanks captain obvious...(I mean that in a playful sarcastic humor sort of way)
I'm well aware of how the system works, but you didn't answer my question. What are you trying to go for? I know you want to improve on the field, but I'm asking what your goals are.


Reality check:

As one poster already stated: your forty was probably mistimed a bit, but most likely to give you a shorter time. High school coaches are notorious for making their players seem better than they are.

Overall I would say work on your explosiveness. If you are a linebacker or lineman your ten yard time is much more important. Your shuttle run, more often know as a steeler drill is also very important.

Most of all, however, make sure that you play your hardest every time that you are on the field. Recruiters care a lot more about your on-field performance than your weight room numbers.


I'm going to be truthful here. Unless you are a punter or a lineman, you aren't going to play D1 football with the quickness (lack of) that your stats tell. You probably aren't going to play D2 either....I can't think of any position that you would be able to play running at that speed.


Wait, scratch that last post...wrong guy...sorry KombatAthelete


He could definitely play D2 with those stats. I'm guessing you meant D1-AA (as opposed to D1-A which is the bigtime CFB division). He's only a teenager with no real training background. I'd say with hard work, he could at least walk on at a major program and contribute on a scout team.


Contact Coach Davies and work with him to get yourself prepared for playing college ball.


Agreed. I played D3 a couple years back, and even there that's not a great linebacker 40, but there are LBs in the NFL (only a few granted, but they do exist) who run the 40 in 5 flat, but make up for it through instincts and technique. No one can tell you whether you can play DI or not based on a couple of numbers. The film never lies, as they say.


You have the speed and the agility to play at the next level but it's more about the quality of your game play on the field. Anyone that tells you otherwise is disillusioned by some amazing athlete that got a scholarship based on the fact that they ran a fast 40 and a fast shuttle. Some coaches will overlook a good athlete with poor game film but no coach will overlook great game film especially those that have the are lacking in a physical department because that can be trained.