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College Football Cycle?

Hey guys! I am new to this forum, and steroids in general. I’ve been playing football my whole life, and I’m looking for a simple cycle to put on some mass before college ball starts in about 7 months. I don’t want to use anything that will show up on a drug test after that time, and also nothing that will fuck my joints/cardio. I’ve been wanting to level the playing field for awhile, and I believe this will allow me to further stand out on the field. I was thinking about doing a test-e cycle for 8-10 weeks, then on week 13 start Clomid and Nolvadex. I am also wondering what are some of the best ancillaries for reducing androgenic related sides, and also the cost of the whole thing total. Thank you guys a bunch for the help! Also my stats are:
270 lbs, 22-24% bf
Bench: 275
Squat: 450
Dead: 470

Sorry but you’re not likely to find much help on here. For starters, I would assume your age is late teens if you are just starting college ball. That’s too young to screw up your HPTA and you still have your best natural hormone levels ahead of you. Further, its cheating…

I understand where you’re coming from, but whether you help me or not I am going to do these. I’m not one to rush to decisions, but half of my team does them and I may lose my scholarship if I don’t gain some muscle. I would rather do it the right way than end up messing up my hpta

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Test E should be ran 10-12 weeks to maximize effectiveness. You won’t see anything for the first 3-4 weeks. You don’t need clomid and nolvadex. Stick with Nolvadex at 20mg EOD after cycle. Do you have HCG?

At your age you should be able to pack on mass pretty easily if your training and diet are good. I’m guessing that since you’ve made it this far with your football career your training is solid. I’m also guessing your diet is not. Eat more. Seriously.

Or go run your cycle and for the rest of your life wonder what you could have achieved without taking a shortcut. And don’t give me that level playing field bullshit. The playing field was never once level. You can’t just be finding that out now, can you? Also, if you’re going to cheat then make it worthwhile, man. At your age your testosterone levels are already pretty high. So why just run test? Why not load up on NPP, get that extra boost of strength and tendon healing? Why not throw in some EQ and get that RBC up nice and high, give you an edge in your endurance? You might as well get used to pinning a lot because once you do this there is no going back. Every time you feel yourself falling behind you’ll know just what to do.

Anyway, if you do it then try not to ruin your endocrine system. You only get one of those.


I do not have HCG. I’m considering it, but everything I’ve read says it is not necessary, and I would rather minimize the injections. What do you guys think about test C over E?

Thanks for the reply. Can you elaborate a bit on NPP and EQ? And I wouldn’t have to worry about a drug test in August with these either?

NPP, nandrolone Phenylpropionate. You’ve heard of Deca, I assume. Well Deca is nandrolone decanoate. The decanoate ester takes much longer to break down, so it’s usually used on a much longer cycle. Also, the metabolites stay in your system for a very long time, so it’s not optimal for a tested athlete. But NPP is a much shorter acting version of the same drug. In short, nandrolone increases collagen synthesis and bone mineral density. So it can give relief to joints because it’s actually strengthening tendons and ligaments. And we know that it works because doctors—including mine—prescribe it for just that purpose. But if I were a tested athlete I would not take the risk because nandrolone seems to stick around in your system for much longer than other drugs.

EQ is Equipoise. It’s just a popular version of boldenone. Realistically you’d need to run it longer than you’re planning, so you’d have to go with something shorter acting, like boldenone acetate. Here’s the problem: bold ace comes with nearly-crippling pip, anxiety, and flu-like symptoms. It’s a nasty drug. EQ is better, but detection time is maybe five months (that’s an estimate based on various info out there, don’t take it as gospel).

I guess my point is this: if you want to go full bore then you should do it. But you shouldn’t do it. You should believe in yourself enough to train harder, eat smarter, and see what you can achieve on your own. If you get to the point where you honestly believe you’re maxed out, then you can explore your options. You have some natural gifts. Look at your size compared to the rest of the population. And you clearly have worked hard to get to this point. Yes, tons of the guys you’ll be on the field with are geared up. Yeah, it’s cheating even though everyone knows that a lot of guys do it. I’m not telling you not to cheat because honestly I get it. Free tuition is pretty valuable. Assuming you’re not going to play in the NFL—and that’s a safe assumption based on the balance of probabilities—you’ll still graduate without student loans and you’ll be a step ahead of most of your peers when you hit the job market. So if you’re going to do this and take the risk you better be sure that you can handle the consequences. Only you can know that.

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Test C or E makes no difference.

Okay. What are the best ways to get these safely? I don’t want to get a illegitimate product. And how much should this whole thing, cycle and pct cost?

I believe I want to do it, but I’m just worried about some of the sides. Also I really only want to do one cycle and try and maintain the mass that I get, rather than keep on using and messing myself up. Thanks for the detailed replies!

Test is cheap and least likely to be fake compared to other AAS. You won’t get source recommendations on here.

You should be worried about side effects as its always a possibility. You will lose a lot of your gains in the months following and I’m betting if you choose to do it, which nobody is recommending, that you’ll be on your second cycle before you know it.

Just be prepared to see a percentage of your gains disappear over time. What percentage and how fast they go is not easily estimated, as everyone is different. But I’m telling you know—and I’m imploring you to trust me on this one—the psychological effect that it will have can be huge and devastating. It’s not just loss of muscle mass, it’s also loss of strength. When you’re in a state of supraphysiological testosterone you will be insanely strong compared to your normal self. Not overnight, but by the end of your cycle, you will see your strength go way up. And then it will slowly fade as you run your pct, and then fade a bit more once you’re back to homeostasis. That is hard to get over. You know how good it feels when you’re in that zone and hitting new maxes, or blowing through a plateau? Well that feeling happens more often when you’re on cycle. Giving up that rush is not easy, man. Do what you want to. I won’t lecture you about it. But please write down some of this stuff and figure out how you’ll address the mental aspects of it after it’s all said and done. Screwing up your hormones is bad, but screwing up your mind is a lot worse. So make sure you have a handle on that part of it before you go any further.

If you decide to go ahead with your plan then there are people here who will give you advice when you ask for it. Nobody here wants you—or any other young man—to suffer because they jumped in too fast or made a mistake along the way.

How much test should I run weekly? I was thinking like 400mg

The most anabolic substance on earth is food. Eat like a fucking champion, like your life depends on it.

That means clean food - organic fruits, vegetables, and meats, and lots of it.

You may have to juice to get that D1 Scholly, but seriously, how would you feel knowing that ten weeks of test got it for you?

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There’s more to life than football. Do it the right way, to the best of your ability. If it’s truly that important to you, your training and play during summer camp will reflect it. I don’t know how tall you are, or what division you’re looking to play in, but 270 is a decent size for a D2 freshman lineman.

Drink a gallon of chocolate milk and eat 3lb of chicken every day with all the veggies you can get your hands on. 600g carbs, a few hundred grams of protein, and a decent amount of fat each day will easily get you to 290 in 7 months provided you’re lifting hard and often.

With your stats and apparent dedication to becoming better, you won’t lose your scholarship unless you don’t put in any effort. However, you WILL lose your scholarship if they drug test you on the first day of summer camp and some gear is still in your system. Have faith in yourself that you’re good enough to do this naturally and you will. Taking steroids is not only cheating, but it’s admitting to yourself that you aren’t good enough (which your college coach clearly thinks you already are, if he offered you a scholarship)

Listen to people in here. Do NOT touch gear at your age.

   - Someone who started at 21 and fucked themselves up permanently.

Did you all miss this? Hes 22-24% bodyfat. Thats fat but ok for college football imo. He shouldn’t start drinking a gallon of chocolate milk a day, 600 grabs of carbs and eat like a psychopath?

Whilst in football you need mass, getting too fat does nothing for performance except make you slower and worse on the field. Instead he should focus on slowly packing on muscle. NOT eating like a 100ib skinny teenager that cant gain weight- especially since hes chubby as it is.

Then ask your team.

Is your coach supplying your teammates or are they finding it themselves?

What went wrong with your cycle?