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College football 2013


Okay I know a little early but WTF

I'm going with Bama and Ohio state BCS championship.


I have Stanford and whoever wins the sec.....only reason some from sec
Might not make it b/c everyone beats up on everyone. I'd love to see the Hoosiers get 6-7 wins before the new east/west divisions comes in with the new teams and make it too a bowl game.


I like your style. Roll Tide.

And 14 days is not too early. Hell, I was looking for this thread weeks ago.


Every year when football ends I enter depression. In 2 weeks that depression will be lifted. No, one week with the kickoff of high school football.


And it is the last year of the BCS! If we had a playoff this year, I think it would look something like this:

  1. Alabama vs. 4. Louisville
  2. Ohio State vs. 3. Oregon

I think the SEC East would beat itself up too much to make it. Alabama is returning a really strong offense and key defensive leaders plus Saban and two or even three potential Heisman candidates. Louisville has Charlie Strong, a great quarterback, and an easy schedule (if OSU slips up this year, I really think we could see Louisville in the BCSNG). Ohio State has momentum from last year as well as the talent and coach to succeed. Oregon is really the big question mark for me here. Maybe Stanford would replace Oregon, but that will be decided when they play each other on November 7.


Stanford. Their quarterback, Kevin Hogan, is a name to remember.


Any surprise teams this year?


I googled him. It seems like he might be a motivational team leader but I question his passing skills and mobility in the pocket.



Northwestern will be very good with 2 QB's returning with starting experience and great running back.


Texas perhaps. Mack's gotta be getting close to the end tho right, are they grooming Major to take over or bring in a high profile replacement? I'm thinking Sooner fans will hate to see Mack go.


Ha. Ha. Ha. I don't think your daddy will be too happy with you having fun at his expense.


I think this is Mack's last year, he has not put many 1st rounders out there, recruiting is going to suffer going to A$M. If he loses to OU again like the past few years then he will be gone.


What are people's opinions on Notre Dame this year? I know they probably didn't deserve to be in the BCS championship last season but how do you think they'll do this year? I predict a slide back.


Defensive will be very good specifically, the line with Louis Nix and Stephon Truitt leading the way....absolute freaks


Don't think Mack leaves this year unless it's a disaster, and then he walks away. I predict Texas will get 8 or 9 wins this year and Texas fans will complain. I would be surprised if Major takes over. They'd have to go with a big name unless Mack resigns after a great year.


Boosters have to be tired of the ass kicking by OU last few years. RB's and LB's and some DL were staples in first two rounds of the draft. Now we had one DB. Kids are going to the colleges that get you in the top two rounds. Just my opinion. But if Mack does not win the Big 12 which with OU having a new QB he should, he will be gone.

No way they go with Major. If anything they will recruit Chip Kelly after he bombs in Philly :slightly_smiling:


All I can say is...



Lol you only come to this thread any more dont you?

Just now got to sit down to watch the A&M game, wife just had surgery on her shoulder so have been taking care of her. So far has not sounded good.


I think Oregon and Bama in the BCS Championship.


Just got back from Jerry World. Now that I have seen an SEC team up close and personal I understand what all the fuss is about.

GO FROGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!