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College Football 2012


I know it's way too early for this thread, but I wanted to give Pat an opportunity to comment on his favorite coach.


Hey, I though I already started a 2012 thread. It might have been lost for the ages, however, it seems many of the older threads are not readily available.


oh, sorry man, I did a quick search but didn't see it. I'm sure this one will be lost by the time the season actually rolls around, as well.

...unless there is enough discussion on Petrino, spring football, recruiting, and the Sandusky trial to keep us going through the summer...


Just to add another topic, Clemson's coach wants to play spring football exhibitions against other D-1 teams:



In all honesty, I hope not. I like football to start mid-August and end New Years Day. From the talk about ending the BCS and going +1, it just might return to my childhood calendar.


I would love to see tu and A&M play a spring scrimage. Call it the Bluebonnet bowl and make it a football & BBQ bonanza. That would be awesome.

Damnit. Now I am seriously homesick. I always miss Texas in the Spring.


I just saw it and came strait here! I am so happy!
Ain't karma a bitch.... Yeah, he ain't gonna get fired, but he is going to get divorced and lose more than half of his shit. His daughters will finally realize is a King Kong womanizing prick, and he is and will be publicly humiliated for a while.
I have a little tear in my eye...
Remember what goes around comes around, it always comes around.... :slight_smile: He he! Prick. I hope his wife exposes all his other affairs...


so when his dick is in her, she's very important to her, but when he nearly kills her on a motorcycle, suddenly he's not the least bit concerned for her well being, he wanted to protect his family.
Yeah, I bet he was really concerned about his family as his cum was drizzling down her chest. Well, I didn't need this to know he was a low life piece of shit, he demonstrated that well.

Please let him have been drunk! Oh please.... He could be fired for that.
I wonder if they pulled the beads out of his ass when they triaged him....
I am sure he had his favorite pink panties on....Fuck stick...

Do the right thing and fire his sorry ass AR! Next thing you know he'll be moving on to children..





Well, I guess A&M will not the only SEC team with a new head coach.


That seemed like a scumbag just for the way he left the falcons



Definitely official.

Also too, I hope women are pissed at Jessica Dorrel. She's 25, got a head on her shoulders and a college education and a fucking fiance' in the wings and she's out rolling around with an old(er) man because of his status.

All these efforts to get ahead and be seen as a mans' equal yet there are girls out there pulling this type of shit ALL THE TIME. Now that Petrino is fired I'm sure she's going to do some interviews and hell maybe even get a TV show out of the deal.

Some legacy, "I'm the one Bobby Petrino was fucking when he flushed Arkansas down the toilet."

Last thing:

Fuckin' Arkansas is getting what they deserve. Petrino, since 2007, hasn't shown the integrity or fortitude to be a guy worth hiring. He must have some magic leadership skills or X's and O's in his head for him to be as high profile as he is, but he's met his own fucking demise by NOT being called on the carpet earlier and held accountable for his actions.

Signed a 10 year deal with Louisville, opted out after one year to quit in ATL after 13 games and now this.

I hope Athletic Directors and Owners alike take hard looks at who they're hiring.

In my mind, Petrino is a modern day Barry Switzer but with ZERO championships because he couldn't stand on one sideline long enough.



Well it certainly should not have come as a surprise to anyone that a lying, low life, piece of shit, cock sucking asshole, acts like one.

I can officially say, I no longer absolutely detest the Pigs. Now their just another team....


That was beautiful man!
The best part is his wife is likely to divorce his sorry ass and take all his shit, and since he has all daughters, they'll probably never speak to his womanizing ass again. The only thing that would make this sweeter is if he went to prison too.


What I find rich is how he said he wished he had a chance to talk to the players.... Yeah, like the two sentence note he left the Falcons?
I wish I could meet him so I can personally laugh in his face.


Am I the only one that thinks West Virginia in the Big 12 is stupid. It’s nearly 600 miles east of all it’s competition.


All right.

Get your heads on straight. Michigan-Bama at the Jerry-dome this saturday night. It’s as big as it can be and it’s the first game of the year.

Yessir, strike up the band and send the drum major out for the back bend. It’s Game 1 Week son!

This is a must win for both squads. But Michigan NEEDS this game. Hope they catch Bama in hangover status after the National Championship.


^ You got to be dreaming Brad.

Michigan is about to get Murdered.

Bring a lot of body bags.


This year, I have no mortal enemies…


[quote]pat wrote:
This year, I have no mortal enemies…[/quote]