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College Football 2011


Coaches Poll just released. I'm excited for the college football season to get started!


  1. Oklahoma (42), 12-2, 1,454, 6
  2. Alabama (13), 10-3, 1,414, 11
  3. Oregon (2), 12-1, 1,309, 3
  4. LSU (2), 11-2, 1,296, 8t
  5. Florida State, 10-4, 1,116, 16
  6. Stanford, 12-1, 1,101, 4
  7. Boise State, 12-1, 1,065, 7
  8. Oklahoma State, 11-2, 933, 10
  9. Texas A&M, 9-4, 885, 21
  10. Wisconsin, 11-2, 829, 8t
  11. Nebraska, 10-4, 814, 19
  12. South Carolina, 9-5, 779, 22
  13. Virginia Tech, 11-3, 767, 15
  14. Arkansas, 10-3, 750, 12
  15. TCU, 13-0, 687, 2
  16. Ohio State, 12-1, 631, 5
  17. Michigan State, 11-2, 536, 14
  18. Notre Dame, 8-5, 440, NR
  19. Auburn, 14-0, 329, 1
  20. Mississippi State, 9-4, 301, 17
  21. Missouri, 10-3, 266, 18
  22. Georgia, 6-7, 260, NR
  23. Florida, 8-5, 240, NR
  24. Texas, 5-7, 162, NR
  25. Penn State, 7-6, 161, NR

I'm a Nebraska guy and am looking forward to seeing how we adapt to being in the Big Ten conference.

What are everyone else's thoughts and rooting interests for the college season?


I think Texas should not have been in the top 25 and I am a Texas fan.


^^agreed... florida shouldn't be either we were terrible last year...



I'm excited to see how our first year Independent goes. 9-3 is my guess.


Ha - I feel the opposite about Texas, DJHT. Being a Nebraska fan, I understandably hate Texas more than anything. But I think last year was a fluke (except for beating us, that always happens), and they belong back in the rankings (although they should actually earn it instead of an arbitrary preseason ranking). They won't be at a championship level yet, but I have a hard time beleiving Texas will stay down.


^ How can you rank a team that had a losing record last year? Espcialy since all new coaching staff and loss of major key players.

Again the ranking systems of the BCS sucks large, hairy, sweaty, blistered, fumunda cheese covered BALLS.


<------------------Wearing a Texas shirt in my Avi.


That part I totally agree with. Preseason rankings are usually worthless and a joke. The only value they have is to taint the rest of the season when it starts to become apparent who is actually performing (teams who start high can afford a loss and still be ranked throughout the season, starting low or unranked means an uphill battle for respect, even you play lights-out).

I like that the Harris poll doesn't begin until midseason, but that poll has also been mostly unrespectable throughout its existence. The BCS system as a whole is just as you described it.


Not only in regards to Texas, but a lot of these Teams are given a leg up by starting on the top 25. It is a self full filling prophecy and total horse shit.
I love college football as much as I love the NFL, I really hope someday they get that shit fixed.


I thought I was pregnant, every time I see your avatar I get that sick-to-my-stomach feeling.

Then I realized, it's just that burnt orange makes me puke.



Nope I have that effect on woman, you know with 5 kids be careful staring at my Avi.


Sir, are you suggesting that you can inseminate a woman simply by her staring at your picture? See, it was that kind of Texas arrogance that led Nebraska to leave the Big 12. Our new Big Ten brethren make no claims of internet insemination.



Mrs PMPM and I have had a long standing internet war going on between our two great schools. So sometimes our comments may have back story.

Nebraska left so they can take what they learned out of the Big 12 and dominate a week Big 10. :slight_smile: And I hope they do.




Woo Pig


I like how Auburn can win the BCS championship and fall to #19 in the polls, all because Cam Newton went pro.


Andrew Luck for Heisman.

That's all for now.


Boomer Sooner........and I hope NU fares well in the Big Ten, however sure wished we still played every year.....oh well.....

Texas issue...this and other rating snafu's could be fixed if no polls were released or official until after at least the first 5 games. Then you could actually get some sembalance of a top 25. YOu have results, strength of schedule, real factors that would end this non-sense of voting based upon opinions and predicting a future. The only polls I like are stripper poles. LOL

All that being said......College Fucking Football rocks and is the best time of the year, especially once fall actually gets here, go to the campus, drink beer, bull shit, watch the scores, go to the stadium, watch the game, back to campus, drink more beer, talk more bull shit......love it.

We have a tradition each home game I always make it a point to meet and greet other teams fans, I appreciate fans that support their team, gotta respect them, ( have no use for those who don't support their team just hate on other people's teams). I have made some great friends from all across the country and all but one of opponents fans were absolutely fantastic ( Nebreska, TX in dallas, Miami, Alabama, BYU, Air Force, Oregon, Florida State, Uconn, and so on)......except one team, none of their fans were friendly, there were smart asses, cocky and acted like they were world champs......guess who?.........Fucking TCU....couldn't get one, not one to enjoy the pregame, postgame, etc....talk about a little success going to their heads.......maybe they changed....

My surprise team somewhat this year is the Arkansas Hogs.......Pettrino ( Major dick that he is, is one hell of a college coach)......





Funny Ag, funny. So is this the year the A&M turns the corner? Can they take the Big 12/10?