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College Football 2011 2.0


Let it continue.


SC is giving it to Colorado... They're gonna take the PAC 12 next year.


Smart that you're already thinking about next year, since Stanford is taking it this year.

How'd you like that game last weekend?


It was a good game. Definitely some questionable offociating but I'm not one to blame the refs for a loss. I was really conflicted since SC can't play in a bowl game I'd like to see a PAC 12 school get a shot at the title and Stanford is the only one with a chance (even though they wouldn't win it and we're a better team last year)


Yea it was an epic game, and a great start to the Halloween weekend that ensued.

Now I just need Stanford to win out. The Oregon game (which I will be at) is going to be insane.

Luck needs to roll the Ducks.


Richardson will bring some more Heisman moments today and tide will roll over LSU!


Definitely looking forward to this game though, although the hype for it has been insane. I think 92% of ESPN's entire staff is in the state of Alabama. I swear I've seen like 10 different broadcaster pairs, just giving stories from different parts of campus. Ridiculous.


yeah its bonkers, I will be watching Michigan@Iowa and Texas A&M@Oklahoma.. good WR players in those games, Ryan Broyles, Kenny Stills and Marvin Mcnutt too


Michigan got denied a touchdown by a horrible call and worse review. Home-field advantage I suppose.


UT running the power O fucking love it.


Listening to them talk about A&M. Second in sacks, a top performing offense, underrated quarterback but WORSE damn pass defense and tied for worse in take-aways. Guess the coaches know what they need to improve.


They are missing some athletes in the secondary but they are going to SEC so not playing spread every week will help. Watching game now Ag


It does sound like A&M should be able to compete well once they fill that gaping maw in their defense. Should help with recruiting.

How is Texas doing?/How did Texas do?

I watched the UM game.


A&M is self-destructing with turnovers


Now all I need is for OKState to lose, and Stanford could rise to #2 in the polls!

and man, I am really looking forward to this LSU vs. Bama game tonight.

Might just have to root for LSU since Brian Wilson went there...


What the fuuuuuuuuuck Nebraska???


kicker ***cough, cough*******kicker******cough, cough


You can try the SEC line about every game is tough because all the teams are better than the top teams in other conferences line. If only Minnesota won.



Hopefully UNO will pull off the sweep of Colorado College tonight.