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College Food To Get List


I am getting ready for my freshman year of college and just needed help loading up on good foods here is a list of stuff i got just tell me what else i need to get...

1 5 pound muscle milk
1 2.5 whey protein
1 Nitrobolic Extream
2 12 Protien Bars
2 3 Pound Bags of Almonds
1 Box Power bar Recovery drink
3 cases of water

i need more but what should i get that is great for protien and low on fat good stuff for college baseball player


Frozen bags of pre-cooked chicken to heat up in the microwave, quaker oats, eggs (you can poach them in the microwave), whole wheat bread, frozen veggies.

Basically good pre-cooked foods that you can heat up in your dorm and have ready whenever you need them.



ALright I have some cheats for you since I have just finished my first year of college and I am about to start the second year here in a few days. Number one when you need milk take your backpack and stick a gallon jug in that thing and bring it down to the cafeteria. Fill it up there and bring it back to the room.

ALso if you need some eggs and whatnot jack it from the cafeteria and bring it back to your room for a snack a little bit later. Same goes for peanut butter sandwiches make a few and pack them up and save them for later. O and most important according to me saving money and getting your protein is getting some tuna in bulk and just using it as need be.


To add to the list:

-Beef Jerky
-Olive oil (mix it with your shakes)
-String cheese is a great quick snack

Beware dorm food! It's very hard to eat clean on campus, but it's very easy to bulk up. Do what you can. Enjoy the first year, be sure to go out to some parties a few times. Lift heavy. Train hard.


Get a blender. Make lots of shakes.


Thanks for all your help!.. it will help me alot with what i need i guess its time for me to go to the store


If the microwave is broken and the RA wont let you have a blender, what would you say is the best stuff to get?


I don't know when you will be visiting back home so I can't say for sure, but I would bring at least 2 more lbs of protein.


you still have a fridge right?

in that case get some perdue shortcuts or something
(its plain chicken breast...roasted..fair amout of salt but better than no protein)

tuna...cause you wont have to cook it

shaker cup protein shakes.


Also, Carlson's liquid fish oil, and at least one of those 180 fish oil caps at walgreens (or wherever).


A ski mask and a baseball bat...

Seriously though...

beef jerky
hard boiled eggs (I just saw a grocery store carrying precooked boiled eggs in their deli section. They were whole)
lunch meat
shaker bottle + good protein powder for simple shakes
any kind of nut/seed
GOOD protein bars - hint there are very few good ones on the market and Biotest is the best of those few
pork rinds
all manner of other canned fish (I especially like kippered fish, the one in the plaid coloured can)
liquid egg whites (yes I have drank these by themselves and mixed in shakes)
extremely dark chocolate bars (I am talking 85% neighborhood)
any kind of dairy you like and can digest, especially yogurts

Some of that presumes you have a fridge. If not, just forget I mentioned those items.


Blender Bottle is your answer. I never have any clumps of protein when I use my blender bottle. Here is the link:



where do you get big bags of almonds like that? i need to find that place...


sell all that crap on ebay and buy real food.


What would be the best thing to eat with a box of spinach? I went into the cafeteria and filled a box with spinach, passing up beets, carrot slices, and other toppings.


Also, is turkey jerky worth getting?


turkey jerky is good, just check the sugar content, Box of spinach you say? MEAT! spinach with chicken, beef, whatever.


Sadly since the microwave is broken and the main dining area only serves burgers and fried foods, the meat department is looking kinda slim.


I'd recommend you invest in a mini fridge. Does wonders. Here's what I'd do...

  • Load up on eggs. Hard boil them in bunches and keep them in zip lock bags.
  • Block of cheese and string cheese
  • Greens +, whey, and shaker bottle
  • Veggies that you don't need to heat up, like celery sticks.
  • Some fruit
  • BCAA PILLS...not powder...PILLS

If you're truely on the run and you need something to eat FAST and EASILY...I'd highly recommend getting a box of Nitro-Tech bars. I'm usually not for that company, but their bars actually taste amazing and are of excellent quality (for a protein bar anyway). Pure Protein bars is also another good one you can find easily at gas stations and convenience stores (at least here in southern cal you can...I rarley saw them when I lived in the upper midwest).

I'm actually on the AD diet right now, and I'm also at college right now too...I've been basically loading up on natural omega-3 eggs. It's basically the best fat and protein one-two punch you can get...and it's cheap stuff too. Kind of a hassel to get prepared, but that's why I suggest hard boiling them in bunches.


I talked to one of my roommates, he's talked to the RA so we can get a new microwave, that way I can go to the albertsons and actually get some food because three cans of tuna a day gets kind of tiresome.