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College Eating


So maybe twice a week when I eat in my college's dining hall, I take home a tupperware full of veggies and meat. Now for just one semester, I get unlimited meal passes but it costs just over 3,000 bucks. So one day the manager of the dining hall sees my tupperware and gives me some shit so I tell him that I'm a Type 1 Diabetic and need to be flexible about my eating and he says that unless I have permission from some head chef, I can't take it out. And of course he tells me he's a diabetic, Type 2 of course, and that he sympathizes but he can't let me take the food out.

So I play nice and say I understand. Now tonight I get a big salad and bring it back to my table and throw it in the tupperware and after I throw it in my backpack this guy starts coming around to all the tables looking for me. He sees there's nothing in the plate and he says in this angry tone of voice that I've had the friendly warning and if I do it again, I can't go back to the dining hall. I think this guy's an ass but what do other people think?


i think u r dum


Ah that sucks. I'm in exactly the same situation basically, with unlimited meal plan. I rarely try and take food out though, because I live 5 minutes walk from the dining hall. And the food isn't worth taking lol. But it's definitely the same here, the managers get really mad when you try and take food out. Just try and be a little sneakier next time. Besides they really can't prevent you from coming to the dining hall. You've paid for it already. Next time he finds you with an empty plate, just tell him you ate it


I think that no matter what you pay, you have to follow the rules.

You can choose to not follow the rules, but then you must accept the consequences.

I think it's not very difficult to sneak food out of a cafeteria, so maybe you ought to learn some ninja skills.

I think you need to shell out money for whatever food you need in addition to your meal plan.


Come on man that's really not too unreasonable. They can't have everyone taking food out of there or they're gonna lose money. That said if you have to do it you would have to be ninja about it. But I say you already fucked that plan up because your 2 strikes deep already. I wouldn't push your luck anymore if I were you.


If you're actually diabetic, then just get permission from whoever that guy is. Otherwise, if you have unlimited meal passes, maybe you should just go to the cafeteria more often.



If you have unlimited passes just be there 6 times a day, this isn't brain surgery.


You're a towel dude.

If having time to get into the cafeteria is an issue (doubt it) you could just gorge 2-3 times a day. Do something.

Just don't disobey the rules of the cafeteria... derp.


Keep some food around your dorm/apt for the diabetes(if you have it) and go to the cafeteria as many times as you can. If you live on campus that isn't too hard.

Also, you could try actually getting permission. Being on the good side of people who work in the cafeteria isn't the worst thing that could happen... especially to members of T-Nation.


T-Nation has spoken and brought me back down to earth. Thanks for keeping me levelheaded. I am in the process of contacting this head chef guy and I'm gonna try and apologize to the guy who I think is an ass. Like you said, it's better to be on friendly terms.

And yes, I actually have diabetes. That wasn't just some lame excuse.



Dude, I can eat like a freaking king on less than 1/10th of that.


Really? For a whole semester ~4 months?
Personally, I just chose not to be on the dining plan. A combination of eating out, getting free food, and groceries make me average around $10-15 per day, which is still less than $1500 per semester. $3000 is about right for a normal dining plan, but not worth it. $300 a semester would mean that you eat no more than $3 a day. When Rippetoe said a gallon of milk a day, that does not mean that's all you eat.


Oh I thought you were saying per month.

For four months I could get by on about 800$ and be comfortable. 1200 if bulking/ eating super good.


Yeah it's alot of money, but if you live on campus, they require you to have a meal plan. Crazy thing is, for just 7 meals a week its like 1500 bucks whereas 10,14, and unlimited all cost the same thing. Doesn't make a huge amount of sense.


If it makes you feel any better, when I was a freshman living in the dorms, our meal plan was only like 1-2 times per day tops. Although the Caf was REALLY fucking nice (and had awesome foods, too,) it was only open til 6 or 7 PM I believe. And it was almost, if not more expensive than your plan.

Just a little perspective. :slight_smile:

Hope all goes well for you, though.


Wrong dumbass...the college doesn't owe you shit if you are STEALING from them....dont be an idiot...I'm sure there is a clause in your dining contract that if you are stealing from the dining hall they can ban your entry...

god kids today are dumb


There's only one dining hall?

Go to a different one on campus. My school had over 10-15 different cafeteria's across campus.




Mfw when I don't pay jack for food and always leech off other's meal cards.

Background info: Our housing is 2,250 per semester, which includes 3 meals a day.
However, only 12 Bucks and some change are allocated to our meal cards each day, meaning that I'm always out of virtual money and eat off of other people's meal plans.


Well college dining hall managers are some the worst pieces of shit that I've run into.

Generally the dining services are outsourced and not associated with the college. So I'd say scam the fuck out of them. Just be smarter about it... and yes they can throw you out..

Before you graduate dump a tray load of food on him accidentally of course...