College diet

I’ve been at school for a month and a half now, and as far as diet is concerned, i’m friggin stuck. The protein that I brought with me is long since gone, and theres almost nothing healthy i can get to supply my protein. And believe it or not, cash is a bit tight so running out and buying more protein isnt an option. Ive read the school daze article here, but it didnt’t help all that much. I know a lot of people here are college students, so what do you all do? All help is appreciated.

When I was living in the dorms in college I was flat broke. I couldn’t afford any supps. What I did was drink as muck milk as I could get down my neck, and basically ate like a horse. Even though the dorm food was unhealthy and tasted shitty I got more than enough calories.

My only problem is that I put on fat waaaaay to fast and easily for me to just worry about getting enough calories in. Getting the calories is easy enough, but getting the right ones is rough.

Uh,oh, Chris…I smell a future article! “The Mass and Fat Loss Diet for the College T-Man/T-Vixen On a Budget” or “Massive Eating On A Budget”. (Maybe “Thing To Do # 1,335”?). Seriously…sounds like we have the need for such an article…

I would love to see that article.

That’s a good call, Mufasa, but there aint a whole lot that can be said that hasn’t already been said, I’m afraid. I hope I’m wrong, though.

I think that kinda article would sound good.

tuna…protein and cheap

tuna packed in water. dirt cheap. what is the dining halls/dorm food like? if you can, get potatos out the wazoo. there was only one dining hall on the other side of campus that had a potato bar, so i would trek it over there and just get in line 2 dozen times to get a bunch of potatos. they arent bad reheated, or even cold. skim milk, take the jug into the dining hall and fill it, then run like forrest. i almost got caught once. it was bad… as far as carbs, they are indeed hard to come by wihtout a truckload of fat along with it. if you have access to cheerios or cornflakes, a non-sugared cerial of any kind at the dining hall, swipe some of that to. i would go in for breakfast and have 4-6 bowls of cereal for breakfast, pull a container out of my bag, and fill it with as much cereal as i could, and walk out.
it is a pain, but it can be done if you have access to certain stuff at the dining halls/cafeterias, but you might need to be slick about taking some of it.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. My school only has baked potatoes every now and again, though the milk and cereal ideas are pretty good. My old school was cooler tho, they had baked potatoes every day, tuna without mayo in the salad bar, tuna with mayo at the deli, it was great. For protein now, I’ve just been making deli sandwiches and cramming as much ham and turkey deli meats as I can into one sandwich. It’s rough, and I dont know how much protein I’m getting, but it’s better than nothing, that’s for sure. Keep the suggestinos coming, though, I apprecaite it.

Maybe this seems phyco but this is the exact reason why i did not go away to college. I chose to go to a community college instead of oregon state or ASU. My dad was more then happy to pay for the state schools but then I would eat and feel like shit.

bulk skim milk powder
grind up flax seeds for shakes
large water packed cans of tuna
only shop specials, means a lot a walking to and fro from supermarkets
baked beans
all a growing body needs…im 3rd year, got two more to go, get envyous of all you protein powder, creatine munching, androsol spraying rich boys…but my day will come hahahahahahahahaha
still making gains…

Sam’s Club - WHITE chunk Albacore tuna by the masses. Otherwise, better bust your budget on the meal repalcements and jugs of protein.

Great question/future article topic. Im in the Army, and get three (squares) a day. Needless to say that chow hall food isnt ideal bodybuilding food, so I pour on the skim milk. Also, if they have employees making the sandwiches bring them a bowl and tell them you just want a “big ass tuna salad” instead of a sandwich. That way you cut the shitty white bread carbs and get MORE tuna than you would normally. Always bring your bag in with you so you can stock up on “groceries” and that way they get used to seeing you with a bag on and not get suspicious. Reguarding protien powder, its cheap bro! just go to any of the online supp shops and you can stock up on the big 5lbs whey jugs. 1600g’s for $22! now you wont be getting all the modern bells and whisles, but quality protien nontheless.

Surely you have a salad bar stocked with cottage cheese and what not

I buy top round steaks for $2.50/lb. That, eggs and tuna are all my diet for protein since I’m allergic to all dairy (I developed a sever allergy a month ago and it sux!!!). So no whey or casein for me. That’s about 85 grams of protein for two-fidy! One can of tuna has only 35 grams. However, if you can get to a Costco, those HUGE cans of tuna are dirt cheap; 1000’s of grams of protein (with a hefty serving of omega-3’s)!!!

Not too hard. First off, you must be dirt poor because protein powder is cheaper than tuna if you buy it from the right places. If you need real food protein, then Jack Mackerel is about 70 cents a can and provides 84 grams of protein along with 5 grams of real omega 3 acids, not the fake ones in flax. It does not taste good, but it all depends on how much you want it.

Yes, take you back pack into the cafeteria with you. I would stick a plastic sack in there and pile in sandwiches, fruit, vegtables. I would also get some sandwich baggies and just put a bunch of lunch meat in those. Protein powder is cheap. What I did was get a couple other guys who were into lifting and then ordered it off the internet on sites that offered discounts to large orders. Something else is to be a student strength coach, if the coach is nice enough to let you have some free supplements that the football players get. Maybe if you were lucky enough you could eat at their training table as well.