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College Diet


yep, im in the dorms now so that means the fillet's coming out of the microwave. everything i eat i pay for from the work i did over the summer, luckily im a skinny bastard so i dont need to eat that much. ultimately i want to gain though. i am interested in dropping out and playing the field from home until i am more sure of what i want to do.

18 years old
not training as much as i'd like...

here's what i try to eat pretty much every day:

Meal 1: oatmeal with 2 bananas and 1 tablespoon flaxmeal
double protein shake, half whey/half MPI

Meal 2: apple, MPI shake, 2-3 tablespoons Chia seeds

Meal 3: Chicken tenderloins and 1 cup of trail mix (Walnuts, Coconut, Currants)

Meal 4: Green Salad with <1/4LB Pastured fed ground beef with Olive oil/vinegar/mustard dressing. maybe some sprouts, onions or tomatoes if i can get em.

Meal 5: Huge frozen vegetable plate with Chicken tenderloins

Meal 6: Double MPI shake (thats at least 40g's protein) with 3-4 Tablespoons Chia seed.

all meals try to take a small dose of glucosamine/MSM. with most after breakfast i take at least 2 fish oil pills (costco brand). sometimes i take an enzyme pill. i add salt to a lot of my meals because oddly enough its usually too low (wake up in the night needing to go pee.) ZMA before bed about an hour after meal 6.

thinking about replacing most of meal 2 or 3 with Metabolic Drive Complete.


Looks good you'll surelly put on weight at 145.. 2 bannanas in the morning seems a lot with everything else your eating but if u can stomach it than y not... i would find an alternative to eating chicken tenderloins twice a day try and alternate chicken/beef/fish/. Lift the core exercises and go heavy! Good luck and if u start breaking out (being 18) cut ZMA.


Ive read ZMA actually helps acne, as opposed to making it worse.

Zinc is not bad for acne.

Berardi wrote that its actually dairy and other allergies that contribute to acne


I've read that ACME Post-Workout Shake is the best recovery supplement and it actually contributes to increased penis length.

That's what my favorite author, X, over at ACME's message board forum is paid to write in his articles anyway.


I'm starting to like your style.


I'm currently on about week 11 of my body transformation..I started on Waterburys Real Fast Fat Loss and cut with good results, I am now on a size program and things are going well but I really need help with a diet plan. I'm 6'2", 175, and also a college kid so eating right is very hard. My diet usually consists of

Meal 1- Cereal with skim milk and a bananna, or peanut butter toast instead of cereal
Meal 2- Yogurt with dried oat
Meal 3- Can of tuna
Meal 4- Protein Shake
Meal 5-Chicken or Steak with a large plate of veggies
Meal 6-Slice of bread with peanut butter

I'm hoping to bulk up without adding fat. Ideally, I would like to make a clean 200 in the next few years. My diet stays pretty consistent on training and non-training days simply because I don't know how to tweak it. Any input is really appreciated, thanks guys.