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College Diet Help


Hey im soon to be going up to college...wanted to know if anyone could give me a specific meal plan to follow to help me go from 160-185 in around a 4month period that deals with foods such as meat,chicken,peanut butter,veggies,fruit, things like that.

i have a 330$ a month budget, i just need a SPECIFIC 6 meal plan to follow each day and any tips on how to be sufficient in making the meals fast and what not, thanks a lot


I'm going into my second year of college and this is the cheapest way I have found to maintain this lifestyle while dorming, assuming that you can make a trip to the market once a week, you have a microwave, and a fridge:

oatmeal, whey, chicken, brown rice, whole eggs, almonds, Metabolic Drive bars

Get yourself a 15 dollar rice cooker and 15 dollar George Foreman Grill from somehwere like target. I plan on cooking up a week's amount of rice on sunday and storing them in containers. As far as chicken goes, I will just grill them when I am going to eat since it only takes about 5-10 minutes, and cleanup on the George Foreman takes less than 20 seconds.

I know I should be getting in more greens but whatever.


Read the school Dayz series on T-Nation by Steve Berardi it should give you a LOT to start from



Are you saying 330 a month on food alone or with other expenses, and if it's not just food could you break it down so you know about how much you'll have for groceries?


im not in a dorm im in an apartment so i have a full kitchen, i just want to know what i should go and buy at the grocery store tommorow witha 330$ a month budget for food


$330/month. Damn, that's nice, especially for a college kid.

cottage cheese
eggs, a lot!
olive oil


hahhahahaha i just went out before i saw this and baught exactly everything on that list except for bread and yogurt. and olive oil is fukin expensive.


Olive oil is cheap compared to salad dressings. Add vinegar and a few herbs and it's better tasting than any other dressing and it's way healthier.