college degrees

I am a junior in high school. I want to get my bachelors in exercise science(and get certified as a strength coach) after that, I want get my masters in education to be a teacher.
Will this work?any ideas?

Whatever you decide to do, get it done as quickly as possible so you don’t waste any more time & money than you need to. A had a teacher who said education degrees are the most mickey mouse & arts or science is far more respectable.

You don’t need a masters in education in order to teach. You might want to look at an education program in phys ed or study kinesiology first and then do a one-year teaching degree.

Thats exactly what im doing. Im graduating this summer in exercise science and then getting a masters in education so i can teach.

in massachusetts you need a masters to be a teacher. I want to use both degrees equally, hopefully being able to be a strength coach on a college level and maybe a middle school teacher.

Are you wanting to get “certified as a strength coach” to make yourself more marketable as a teacher and coach?

Im not becoming a strength coach to be more marketable, its going to be a part time job.
no schools give a shit if your a strength coach!

Do what makes you happy…If this is what you want go for it, just keep in mind you will never make alot of bread.

I like to grow the cheeba, that will keep my cash flow high (pun intended)

I commend you.

what grade level do you want certification and what state, or are you already certified?

the great state of massachusetts!
home of ron harris and me.

Steve, schools will care if you’re a strength coach if you are also going to do coaching at the school. I assumed that is why you would want to get “certified.” Don’t be so quick to render a opinion.

like i said before, the two jobs would be seperate. i said probably a teacher at a middle school. I don’t know anyone that would get certified as a strength coach for a middle school.
you guys are getting too picky on me. I just asked a general question.

I work in a state university in one of the departments (Office Manager). Now have you spoken to the admissions of a university that offers a good exercise science program? That’s what I would do - and speak to their department head. The Dept. Chair/Head will be able to give you the lowdown of the requirements for the things you asked. That’s your best bet. Do a search via the web for the top excercise science programs and talk to those departments.

Be sure, and I mean extra sure, you want to teach. Just wanting to teach is not enough, IMHO you need to be passionate about teaching. It is wicked hard work and the pay SUCKS. And summers off aren’t as appealing as they may sound - you’ll probably have to take a second job to make ends meet. Besides, year-around schooling is catching on all over the place.
I didn’t know what to do with my Bachelor’s degree and thought I wanted to teach. I entered a MA+ program, you get an MA and also get your teaching certificate. I don’t consider myself a greedy dude, but I was shattered when I was offered a teaching job. With an MA and an Engineering BS I was offered $27K. If I had only had an a BA or BS and a certificate I would have earned around $25K. That was in 1996, not that long ago. I was also bothered by the pay matrix. Teachers know what they will make based on education and years of experience. I personally need to know that my pay will be dependent upon my performance for the motivation.
Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect teachers and the work they do. But please be aware that teaching is not a cake career - low pay, hard work, and bratty kids are all reasons to make sure you are making the right decision.

KirkDig has that right. No pay, awful conditions, most expensive time of year for holidays, really bratty kids. It is fun. I do it, but I enjoy the kids and it is a second income in our family–not the main one.
I would also be VERY careful about your supplementary income source (the cheeba). A leak there would certainly get you fired.

Where do yall live? Both of my parents teach and they have a big screen tv, expedition, pool in the back yard. They are never hurting for money. My mom made 46K two years ago. My dad just retired and was making about the same. My mom coaches too but that isnt that much more money. Starting teachers make around 30k around here. Yall just live in a bad area.