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College Courses/Training & Nutrition

I was curious, what degrees exactly do people like JB, CW, and CT have? Chemistry?

i’m on track for a finace degree as it stands but i have been reading T-Nation for 3 years now (i admit i am only 19) and i found it so rewarding when i took a food science and nutrition class and i already knew enough about nutrition that i did not need to buy a book, or study a great deal.

I suppose that is beside the point, i am just curious what sort of degrees there are for people interested in training, nutrition (sports/elite nutrition none of the general population needs 1g/2.2lb bull shit) and the like.

thanks a ton

There’s all sorts of fun stuff… exercise science, kinesiology, biochem, Dr. Berardi’s PhD is in Nutritional Biochem if I’m not mistaken, nutrition with an emphasis in sports nutrition, human physiology, neuroscience, neurobiology, the list goes on…


Actually Berardi’s degree is a doctorate in Kinesiology with a concentration in exercise and nutritional biochemistry. I started out as a chemistry major at an engineering school with a plan to go on to medical school. I got to work as a trainer some and I just loved it. I can still have the patient practitioner setup I liked about the medical field and at the high levels the knowledge base can be very extensive and demanding much like a branch of medicine.