College Checklist

so im going off to college tmrw morning, for my first semester away. and here is what this T-teenager is bringing

25lbs protien, 400 servings 25g per serving
2, 5. lbs protien, 80 servings 24g per serving
6 bottles of arganine based product
6 bottles caffeine, 90 tabs 200mg per tab
2 bottle malatonin, 60 tabs 5mg per tab
2 bottle fish oils, 360 gels, 1g per tab
3 containers animal pak (sorry but i love it)
3 shaker bottles
600 servings creatine, 5g per serving
5, 1 gal water jugs, becuase i dont want to run back and foreth with a tiny little cup from dorm to bathroom.

and just in case, i brought some clen with me. enough for 8 months of cycled 2 weekers.

i think im set for the next 4 months, i did all the calculations out, and i have to cut back on some things to make it last, but i think thats pretty good.

Nice this is what I’m bringing to college:

1 serving empty wallet