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College Beginner

Hello everyone,
I am currently a grad student in college and am unable to get to the gym. I was wondering if there are any articles or reccommendations any of you have for workouts I can perform in my apartment with no equipment. Thanx for any help

how exactly are you unable to get to the gym? and why can’t you get any equipment? do you think maybe you’re creating restrictions that don’t exist?

What are your fitness goals? Muscle strength? Cardiovascular endurance? Getting ripped? Getting swole?

doesnt every college have a gym?

[quote]C-Bonics wrote:
doesnt every college have a gym?[/quote]

No. Mine didn’t, but it was a music college.

Start with pushups, situps, wall sits, and crunches. Depending on your fitness goals, choose the number of each exercise good for you. Also, take a 20-30 minute walk everyday, or if you can’t get out, do jump rope inside your place.