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College Baseball

This is one of my favorite sports. My team is the TCU Horned Frogs. They open the season tommorow at Cal State Fullerton. I’m very excited about this season. We return 6 position starters and appear to have more depth than ever on the mound. Maybe this is the year we break out of the regionals.

Who is your team and how do you feel about the upcoming season?

I like the Utes, even though Utah doesn’t provide the best weather for college baseball. We open tomorrow Loyola Marymount.

I will admit that I don’t keep up with college baseball like I do with the MLB. With that said, we have the whole infield returning but need to replace our ace. I think we should do fairly well and have a top 3 or top 4 performance in the Mountain West.

Utah was a worthy adversary last year. Every game was close. I expect UNM to give us the biggest challenge. Strassburger (sp?) is a beast but SDSU will otherwise underachieve under Orca the killer whale.

TCU plays an almost frightening OOC schedule. If I can get away I may got to Austin for that Tuesday night game in April.

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Baseball is a sport?

I have to agree with you about San Diego State. They have great weather and California kids to recruit. They should be way better than they are.

Thought there would be more interest than this. Frogs take 2 of 3 from CS Fullerton, in CA. Play a pretty good Dallas Baptist team Tuesday for the home opener.

Frogs beat DBU, Tex. State, beat Ole Miss at their own game in the only game of the series that wasn’t snowed out. They beat cross town rival UTA 11-3 and last night fell to a pretty good Baylor team 2-1. Wichita State comes to town this weekend. They’ve had our number the last few years.

Nobody else likes college baseball? Frogs lose to UT 6-0 last night after sweeping UNM and getting back into first place over the weekend. I had the opportunity to watch Steven Strassburger a few weeks ago. He is all that he is advertised to be and then some.