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College Athletics Nutrition Advice


I just got my "Nutrition" advice from my school. I'm a tennis player, but this is the generic booklet that our training staff sends to all athletes, including the D1 football team. Here are some quotes:

There are facts the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and AMA (American Medical Association) put out on nutrition. Every athlete and non-athlete should adhere to these facts for better performance and to live longer.

...protein supplements are unnecessary and money foolishly spent.

â?¢ Less emphasis on meats and more on starches: rice, pasta, potatoes, and
vegetables (cooked or in salads)

Bread, Cereal, Rice, &Pasta Group: 6 to 11 Servings
The Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta group is at the base of the pyramid, demonstrating that the
majority of the daily recommended allowance for foods should be chosen from this section.

Now I've been upping my carb intake somewhat in season, but this is just complete ignorant BS, no? I understand that T-Nation is more dedicated to bodybuilding, where functionality isn't always as highly prized (though in powerlifting it is). Can I get some people to weigh in on the differences between dietary needs of t-men and those of an average college athlete? And also how much of this is just bs (suggesting pasta at night and to avoid protein late)?

thanks, hope this at least provides a few laughs for people who want to mock the article


i feel your pain. i just finished my fourth year of DI swimming. the nutritional advice given out by the campus “registered dietician” was a joke! I can appreciate the anti-supplements attitude because you never know exactly WHAT you’re getting with the crap brand supps but the anti-protein stance that these people take is just ridiculous. I don’t even really consider protein/creatine/surge supps anymore. they are just neccessary parts of training. My overweight campus dietician could never grasp this concept during meetings.


I’m guessing they want you to load up on carbs because your activity level is so high that you’d burn off tons of it anyways.

Are you going to the gym? If so, then you should take in appropriate amounts of protein (from food or shakes).

Cookie cutter shit like this is just what I said; shit. Everyone is different. Find what works for YOU.