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Hey, I'm a college football player (freshman) just coming off of a torn labrum. Any tips on by just looking at my frame on things I need to work on? Thanks! Btw I'm obviously not flexing my core as I don't really have much of visible abs anyways

I'm 6'2 228 and play linebacker. Thanks


Hello buddy.

Do you have any specific goals? Are you looking for training tips to greater enhance your athletic prowess being a college athlete? It would greatly help in determining the advice given by the forum members.

More pictures would be needed to assess your physique weaknesses (back, legs etc.) but to me you look like an athlete that doesn't do much bodybuilding type training. Again, I don't know what your goals are so I am just judging what I am seeing.

Give us some more specifics and you will get better advice.

All the best,



Thanks for replying. Yeah i'm an athlete who has never really done much lifting outside of the main stuff for football

Coming off of shoulder surgery my bench went down, but I bench 285, squat 450, and power clean 300 (as of this past february)

I am strong in my lower body and pretty functional moving wise, I'm just looking for nutritional tips and workout tips to get jacked in my upper body outside of my regular M/T/TH/F mandatory football program.

Me and a quarterback on my team began doing lifts outside of this stuff to get big.

In a nutshell, on tuesday afternoons we do biceps and triceps, and a chest workout: all hypertophy, on thursdays I do forearm direct work, traps, and calves. and on saturday We do another bis tris and chest workout. We do plenty of back work in the football lifts so this is just some stuff I do on my own.

I need to know what supplements to use, when to use them, and what to eat (rough outline) to maximize growth while getting leaner

right now I am 15 percent BF and would like to get down to as low as possible while still being 225.


Is your primary goal to be "jacked in your upper body" or to be good at football?

Not that I'm against some extra work outside of team lifting sessions - I did it myself when I was in college - but my extra lifting was geared towards football. Our team lifting was fairly modest in-season so I did an extra bench day (Sundays) and an extra lower-body day (Mondays, when we did not practice).

But this...

Sounds like a couple of bros trying to get jacked for summer at the beach. Which is fine, if that's a primary goal, but all that stuff is likely to detract from the quality of your football training. Especially for a dude coming off a torn labrum. Are you sure your ligaments and tendons are ready to handle that much extra upper body volume?

Also, WTH are you doing during your team workouts? How do you have enough energy to do that much extra beach-muscle-hypertrophy work?

Oh, gee, that's all?

Eat: meat, vegetables, fruit, some rice or starchy carbs
Don't Eat: Pizza, Pasta, Fries, Taco Bell, McDonald's

Supplements: this site has plenty of fine posters who can inform you to this end.

Don't worry about your BF number. Worry about how you look, feel, and perform.